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Ambient, Task & Other Types of Indoor Lighting System Fixtures in Interior Design in New Canaan, CT

Do you want to add some lighting to your house? If your answer is yes you may have already started researching what types of lighting would best fit your needs. There are so many different types of lights for you to choose from. Each type of light provides its own unique purpose for your house. Sentry Electric wants to go over the three main types of lighting and some options within each type to help you with your decision.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is one of the most common types of lighting. Ambient lighting gives your room a nice soft glow that gives your room just enough light to function. It does not cast off a harsh glare in your room. The light cast from ambient lighting is not meant to highlight the space that it is in. The purpose of ambient lighting is to help your room have a nice relaxing environment. Mood lighting is one type of ambient lighting. To create ambient lighting many people will use recessed or track lighting; chandeliers; pendants; wall sconces and wall lights. If you choose recessed or track lighting we recommend using more than one light in your room. Most of the time track lights are installed in groups. You will want to make sure that you do not put too many in though. Chandeliers are an excellent choice for foyers or over the tub in your bathroom. They provide gorgeous soft lighting and they are beautiful fixtures that can add interest to your room. Pendants are frequently used in kitchens over islands or bars. Wall sconces and lights are versatile enough to go almost anywhere in your home. They are most effective as ambient lighting when they are used sparingly.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides lighting for when you have a specific task or job that you need lighting to complete. It can also be called office lighting. Some examples of tasks that need some lighting are reading, cooking, writing, and sewing. Task lighting helps your brain be naturally stimulated while you complete your task. Task lighting contrasts with the natural light in your room which helps you be more alert and allows you to concentrate better. It also helps you with projects that have finer details that you need to see properly. If you need task lighting in your home or office some of your best options are lamps. Lamps are so versatile that they should be able to help you get lighting in whatever space that you need. You can purchase a lamp for your desk, your nightstand, your coffee table, or anywhere else that you may need lighting. Floor lamps are a great option for many rooms too. Another option for task lighting is under the cabinet and vanity lights. Under the cabinet lights in your kitchen can help give you all sorts of extra lighting as you chop and cleaning the ingredients that you need for your meals. Installing vanity lights in your bathroom help provide the necessary lighting for you as you get ready each day.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the perfect way to draw attention to a certain area of your home. Accent lights help add your own unique style to your home. They can help display certain features in your home that you would like to stand out. People will frequently use accent lights to showcase artwork, bookcases, collection, or architectural features. Wall lights, recessed lighting, and spotlights are the best choices if you want to add accent lighting to your home.

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No matter what your goal is in adding lighting to your home Sentry Electric can help you with the electrical work that is needed. Give us a call today and we can come out and discuss design options with you.

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