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Circuit Breaker Mapping & Electrical Wiring Diagram Map of Your Stamford, CT House

Any time electrical work or maintenance is done in your home, you will need to shut off one or more circuit breakers. If you don’t, you’ll be working with live circuits that can lead to deadly consequences. For this reason, you must know exactly which one(s) to turn off. The electrical panel in your home […]

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Different Types of Lighting Fixtures & Systems in Southbury, CT; Ambient, Accent & Task Lights

There are features that you can add throughout your home to make every space in your residence truly work for you. Some areas of your home may currently just be wasted space because they are not being used to their full advantage. Here at Sentry Electric we are experts in how to add lighting to […]

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Bathroom Lighting Tips in Westport, CT; Mimic Natural Light, Layers, Placement & More

When you are finishing your bathroom space, one of the most important elements is the lighting. The lighting in any space is an important component in creating a usable and flattering space. The bathroom is one of the most important places to have sufficient and wise lighting placements. When you don’t have sufficient lighting in […]

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Intermittent Electrical Humming Noise or Buzzing Sound in Wall at Night in Norwalk, CT?

When you are living in your home and you start to notice sounds that are not common it can be troublesome. Just like realizing that a cricket has made its way in the house and you can hear it chirp all night long. This can send any sane person bonkers until you are able to […]

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Are Game Consoles Electric Energy Vampires in Darien, CT? How to Stop Vampire Power

Gamers can spend hours playing on their preferred consoles, and most do not even realize how much electricity is drained, even when they supposedly switched to energy-saving “standby mode.” Most do not realize that these devices are energy vampires, as many home entertainment centers move from traditional cable boxes to video game console-centric hubs capable […]

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