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Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out in Greenwich, CT? Loose Electrical Connection & More

The light bulbs in your house are something that has to be replaced occasionally. They are not meant to last forever. Although they will burn out they have made major strides in how long they last and how much energy they consume. That does not mean you cannot end up with problems. You should not […]

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Voltage Surge Causes in Fairfield County, CT; Lightning Strikes, Power Outages, AC Unit & More

The most basic level of a power surge is when the voltage in an electrical circuit spikes to a higher level than the circuit was designed to handle. These surges are a hazard. For mains power, the United States uses 120v AC (alternating current). The AC indicates the electricity moves in a sine wave pattern. […]

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How Does an Electrical Panel Work in Stamford, CT? Main Breaker & Other Wiring Components

There are lots of parts of the house that a homeowner needs to have some knowledge in. Whether you need to know what it means when there is a problem or when you need to have a repair. A homeowner has to be able to manage a house and keep it running smoothly. One area […]

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Exterior Lighting Design Guide in Southbury, CT; Landscape Pathway & Focus Lights & More

Exterior lighting has many practical uses in addition to helping your property look good. With an increase in safety, the home gets an instant facelift with lighting and enhances curb appeal. There are quite a few benefits to having the outdoor lights and with the initial cost, most find it well-worth the investment. Today, we […]

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Summer Electrical Home Improvement Projects in Westport, CT; Landscape Lighting Design & More

Summer is often the season for homeowners to engage in summer electrical home improvements. With so many options regarding installations, replacements, and repairs, we at Sentry Electric would like to take the opportunity to list the common summer electrical projects for your consideration. Installation of Ceiling Fans With plenty of advantages such as air circulation […]

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