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Why Would an Electrical Outlet Feel Warm in Stamford, CT? Is it Normal to Be Hot to Touch?

When you walk into a room and need to charge your phone it is likely that you will find an outlet on just about any wall. Electricity is a way of life and it is used in our homes as a way to increase our comfort. There are outlets that you can plug devices in, […]

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What Causes Electrical Emergency Power Outages, Cuts, Failures & Blackouts in Southbury, CT?

Just a little under two centuries ago, the discovery of electricity changed human life forever. With the development of electricity, we have become, in our current modern society, completely dependent on power. When we lose power to our homes, we lose our light, heating or cooling abilities, along with spoiling of refrigerated food, as well […]

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Electrical Humming Noise or Intermittent Buzzing Sound in Wall of Your Westport, CT House?

Have you ever been sitting in your house and noticed a humming sound? This can be an annoying sound even though it is quiet it is still a noise that is in the background of your life. The humming sound is often coming from an aspect of your electricity and it can be futile trying […]

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Electrical Wiring Troubleshooting & Repairs; DIY or Hire an Electrician in Norwalk, CT?

Most of us will suffer some electrical problems from time to time. As current passes through wire there is a tendency for the conductors to contract, very noticeable in aluminum wiring. This movement over time may loosen connections but most problems are mechanical. Dimmer Switches, switches, outlets, over loaded circuits and recessed lights are on […]

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Kitchen Lighting Designs & Layout Ideas in Darien, CT; Light Centerpieces, Functional Lights & More

Sometimes a home could use some upgrades or adjustments to make it more suited to your tastes or the latest trends. A rather intricate and dynamic role is the lighting. The dull, simple light fixture can make it difficult to see recipes, prepare meals, create delicious pastries, or even see the people gathered around the […]

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