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Causes of a Scorched & Burnt Electrical Outlet in Fairfield County, CT; Circuit Overload & More

Finding that one of your electrical outlets has been blackened and melted by heat is something that many homeowners experience. There are many issues that might arise, such as frustration of the situation, and finally realizing the safety issue involved. This problem is not something to ignore, nor taken lightly and electrical problems do not […]

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Need to Update Electrical Panel & Wiring in Your Old Stamford, CT House? Inspection & More

Is your electric bill on the rise? You can try and cut down on the amount of energy you use but it might not be enough to lower your bill. The problem might just be the electrical wiring in your home. The wiring may not be able to handle and perform the electrical service needed […]

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Benefits of a Whole House Fan Electrical Wiring Installation in Your Southbury, CT Home

When it comes to the warmest months of the year, homeowners will do whatever it takes to decrease the temperature of the inside of their home. One way to do that and save money on cooling costs is with a whole house fan. This appliance will work to reduce the temperature of the air in […]

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Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel AKA Breaker Box in My Older Westport, CT Home?

Your home’s electrical system is frequently taken for granted. Without electricity, we cannot charge our devices, indulge in our favorite TV viewing, music listening, and so much more with appliances, HVAC systems, and so on. Your electrical system falters if the electrical panels are not in working order as they are one of the primary […]

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Lighting Options in Norwalk, CT; Baseboard Motion Lights, Pantry & Under Cabinet Light Ideas etc

Your home is a place you want to be able to be comfortable and enjoy. That is why many people choose to take time when decorating and adding the furniture that creates the space that a family can enjoy. You also set your thermostat to either warm or cool the house and make sure that […]

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