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Signs You Need to Call an Electrician in Southbury, CT; Blown Circuit Breaker, Wet Wires & More

Electrical issues can happen any day, any time and they usually happen when you least expect it. Electrical issues can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and should be taken care of by professional electricians. Sometimes you can see what the problems are, sometimes you can’t. But there are usually signs that […]

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Best Lights & Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Ceiling, Walls, Island, Under Cabinets & More in Westport, CT

If you are looking to make a statement in your kitchen you can always make some major changes. This might be updating the color on the walls, installing new countertops or even remodeling the entire space. One of the other ways that you can make a change without breaking the bank is to update some […]

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Best Home & Business Backup Power Supply in Norwalk, CT; Standby Generator Installation

Between weather, earthquakes, manmade catastrophes and overburdened grids many parts of the country are forced to deal with brown outs as well as total blackouts, leaving the home owner without power for days at a time. Even areas with reliable power grids will lose their power occasionally. For the occasional power outage, a mobile backup […]

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Basic Electrical Terms & Definitions in Darien, CT; from Amperage & Alternating Current to Voltage

We’ve all purchased a new appliance, browsed through the owner’s manual and understood everything it said. Not true. Don’t feel bad, you are not alone when it comes to understanding the electrical terms that come with new appliances. You’ll be left more confused than you were before. Let’s go over some of these terms so […]

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Ambient, Task & Other Types of Indoor Lighting System Fixtures in Interior Design in New Canaan, CT

Do you want to add some lighting to your house? If your answer is yes you may have already started researching what types of lighting would best fit your needs. There are so many different types of lights for you to choose from. Each type of light provides its own unique purpose for your house. […]

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