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Signs You Need an Emergency Electrician in Southbury, CT; Smoking Electrical Outlets & More

It is safe to say that people rely heavily on the electrical system to work in their home. Where we can get back for short intervals, we need the power to ensure the refrigerator/freezer is preserving food or possible medicines, the heat for the dead of winter in Connecticut, or even important medical equipment that […]

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Solutions to Not Enough Electrical Outlets in Your Westport, CT Kitchen, Bathrooms & Other Rooms

When it comes to many modern living demands, especially electrical needs, many of the older houses, condos, apartments, and so on, were not intuitive enough to ensure it could accommodate. With the multiple appliances lining homes, electrical devices that bring conveniences and entertainments, and other electrical systems that are frequently common in day-to-day living, there […]

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How Does a Circuit Breaker Work, What Causes it to Trip & How to Fix it in Norwalk, CT?

In every home there is a circuit breaker that is designed to prevent electrical injuries and fires, as a safety feature, though few realize their function. Designed to detect and stop excess current in its tracks, this mysterious device is electrically powered. The breakers will trip when they are overloaded or short circuit, which causes […]

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How to Fix an Electrical Outlet that Sparks, Pops, Smokes & Turns Black in Darien, CT

Have you ever experienced sparks coming from your outlets when you plug in an appliance, vacuum cleaner, or electronic device? If so, this could signal a problem that needs attention. While occasional, random sparking could be harmless, if you notice a certain outlet in your home omitting sparks frequently, don’t ignore it! Stop using it […]

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Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel in New Canaan, CT; Flickering Lights, Hot Outlets & More

When you own a home most people know that there are things that you will constantly need to work on and upgrade. The home is a place that you want to live in and you want to be comfortable. That is why knowing what to look for and signs that something needs your attention is […]

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