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Dimming & Flickering Fluorescent Lights & LED Light Bulb Electrical Problems in Stamford, CT

When you head home after a long day there are some aspects of home life that we expect to work. One of the main things are the lights! We want to be able to come home and flip a switch and the house be lit up so that we can function. That is why when […]

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Dangers of DIY Electrical Work in Southbury, CT; Overloading Outlets, Faulty Wiring Connections & More

The economy has recovered considerably in recent years, but there are still quite a few citizens that have to live paycheck by paycheck, and unexpected problems often leave inexperienced people completing DIY projects to cut expenses. Where there are several examples as to watching a tutorial online or reading about the task can get the […]

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Basic Electrical Wiring Terms & Definitions in Westport, CT from Adapter to Voltage & Watt

In the electrical industry, many professionals or even the department and home improvement stores use terms and phrases that unless you have some sort of training or exposure to the electrical field, it sounds like a foreign language. In an effort to help the layman understand some of the common vocabulary words frequently heard, we […]

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Best Light Bulbs for Fixtures Inside & Outside Your Norwalk, CT Home; LED, Incandescent & More

Lighting is a huge part of your home in terms of the overall ambiance and practicality. Not only do the light bulbs bring light to a room but they are responsible for some of the energy usage. More and more people are concerned about waste and energy use and want to do their part to […]

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Does a Refrigerator, Microwave or Washing Machine Need a Dedicated Electrical Circuit in Darien, CT?

Does your home suffer from frequent tripped circuits? Or perhaps your lights will dim for no apparent reason. These are signs that you may want to add dedicated circuits to your home in order to accommodate your current electrical needs. Certain electronic features by code require dedicated circuits. However, as we bring more devices and […]

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