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American Electrical Wiring Outlet Types in Stamford, CT; GFCI, 20A & USB Receptacles

When you are looking around your house at the outlets that you have you will notice that there is almost one on every wall. The outlets are placed in rooms at specific levels to accommodate the general needs of that room. The outlets in most of the rooms are typically about 12 inches from the ground level. The outlets are set so that you can use them to get electrical current to your phone, computer, lamps and televisions to name a few. You want to make sure that you use the outlets the way they are recommended which means not overloading them and only plugging in plugs and cords that are not damaged. You may not really notice any difference in the outlets but there are several types of outlets that could be installed or upgraded to in your house.

Sentry Electric List Electrical Outlets that May Be Installed in Your House

GFCI: This is the outlet that you will find in your home already. The purpose of this type of outlet is to add a level of security if there is water introduced in the circuit. The GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter and will prevent a running shock if water is near the area. You can walk around the house and check areas that may be prone to water such as the bathrooms, kitchen and outside outlets as well. You will know that you have these outlets because they are outfitted with a button that will pop up if the circuit is interrupted. You will notice that the outlet no longer works unless you reset the button.
20A: The outlets that are in your home have a rating for amps. The amps that the outlet is able to cover and produce will be what the name of the outlet is. In this case the outlet is named a 20A because it has the capacity to cover appliances that need to pull more amps than a standard outlet. You will be able to locate these types of outlets in your garage where often the outlet us used on larger equipment. You can also find them in your laundry room and kitchen to accommodate the appliances that are usually running. You want to make sure that you have your outlet checked if you plan to use an item that is not standard like a generator to ensure that is has the ability to send that much power out.
USB: You may notice that over time everything upgrades to fit the needs of daily life. The same goes for the outlets that you have access to in your house. If you go into just about any house you are sure to see cords that are in outlets to charge phones and tablets. These are all being transferred from a USB to an electrical outlet. The great thing is that you can use the USB port to charge your smart device too which outlets can give you now. There are outlets that not only have a plug but also USB ports you can plug right into.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades & More in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

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