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Are Game Consoles Electric Energy Vampires in Darien, CT? How to Stop Vampire Power

Gamers can spend hours playing on their preferred consoles, and most do not even realize how much electricity is drained, even when they supposedly switched to energy-saving “standby mode.” Most do not realize that these devices are energy vampires, as many home entertainment centers move from traditional cable boxes to video game console-centric hubs capable of streaming, gaming and more. Energy consumed through electronics is often the culprit when it comes to increased energy bills, but few suspect the energy usage concerning the console usage. With this in mind, we at Sentry Electric would like to discuss how game consoles are potentially the energy vampires lurking in your home.

Energy Vampires at Work

As it increases bills, an energy vampire is an electronic device that quietly syphons energy without you getting any use out of it. The average household likely throws away $165 dollars every year due to energy vampires, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, or the NRDC. One of the biggest culprits has become the game console, especially over time. The latest versions of the big-name consoles use three times the energy of the previous generations have. Additionally, more energy drains from these inefficient consoles when they are used to stream the online media options to view movies and shows. For example, one of the most popular consoles will consume 89 watts per hour while streaming video, where another consumes 72 watts per hour. This is roughly 35 times the energy consumption of an TV or dedicated streaming device such as a Roku, this is well above the EnergyStar standard of 50.

How to Cure an Energy Vampire

Luckily, there are ways to prevent these energy vampires from sucking up your hard-earned dollars and consuming the entire output of four large power plants every year. Using the consoles for exclusive gaming is a good place to start saving. With the money saved from not streaming videos, you can invest in a device designed for streaming that does not require energy consumption. Being that video-streaming one the leading consoles idly on standby regularly can drain roughly $140 in energy, this change is a well-worth change. The NRDC recommends going into your system settings to make sure your console automatically shuts down after an hour of inactivity to reduce the idle energy draining from your favorite consoles. Straight up unplugging the consoles during a long trip, or even every day if need be, can further help you save by ensure your systems are completely off by an eye check.

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To additionally seek greater account of the energy consumption in your household, we at Sentry Electric recommend scheduling a professional energy audit in your home. With a whole house surge protector, you better electronics. Our experienced professionals an find many ways o help you save energy in your home. With plenty of tips and suggestions following your audit, we can help you use less energy while improving the overall efficiency of the electronic system. Call Sentry Electric for any and all of your electrical services.

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