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Benefits of a Whole House Fan Electrical Wiring Installation in Your Southbury, CT Home

When it comes to the warmest months of the year, homeowners will do whatever it takes to decrease the temperature of the inside of their home. One way to do that and save money on cooling costs is with a whole house fan. This appliance will work to reduce the temperature of the air in your home in a matter of minutes when you have it installed and working properly. Sentry Electric is here to talk about the benefits that come with having a whole house fan installed in your home.

How Do Whole House Fans Work?

The best feature of a whole house fan is the time in which it takes it to work. All you have to do is crack a few windows in your home and flip the fan on. It will work to create negative pressure by sucking all the air in from outside and pushing it up and out the vents in your attic. This will drastically reduce the temperature of the air in your home and create cool air circulation throughout your house in a matter of moments. Obviously, this will work only when the outdoor temperature is cooler than the air in your home. A great time to use these fans is in the evening.

Energy Efficiency of a Whole House Fan

Another one of the main benefits that comes from the whole house fan is its energy efficiency. It uses much less energy than an air conditioning system to operate and can end up saving you money when you use it. Homeowners have reported saving as much as 75% on their cooling bill when they utilize their whole house fan to get rid of the hot air in their house.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with a Whole House Fan

Whenever you are trying to improve the indoor air quality in your home, the best thing to do is to open up the windows. The way that the whole house fan works, it can move the air from these opened windows throughout your house quickly. At the same time, it pushes the old stale air out the vents of the attic so that you can enjoy improved indoor air.

Wiring a Whole House Fan Extends the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Because a whole house fan works so effectively, you will see that you don’t need to rely on your air conditioning system near as much. This will help to extend the life of your air conditioner as it won’t have to work so hard all summer long to keep your house cool. Obviously, you will need to turn it on when the temperatures rise, but as they cool off at night and in the morning hours, you can use your whole house fan to keep your house cool.

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If you are looking for a quiet and effective way to cool your house down this summer, consider the advantages of a whole house fan. Having a whole house fan installed in your home requires a significant amount of electrical wiring in your attic, which should obviously be left to the professionals at Sentry Electric. You need someone with our specialized training to ensure the job is done right. Call us today!

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