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Best Lights & Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen Ceiling, Walls, Island, Under Cabinets & More in Westport, CT

If you are looking to make a statement in your kitchen you can always make some major changes. This might be updating the color on the walls, installing new countertops or even remodeling the entire space. One of the other ways that you can make a change without breaking the bank is to update some of the lighting in the space. The lights that you are using can be out of date or just not be as fun and unique as you want them to be. A kitchen usually should have a nice bright light so that you can work in the space and see clearly. That does not mean that you have to just stick to can lights. You can use under cabinet lights and even a lighting fixture over your island as a way to make a statement. You want to make sure that you know what options you have.

Sentry Electric Lists Ways to Add Unique Lighting to Your Kitchen

Repurpose Old Glass & Other Items to Light Fixtures: One of the best ways to create a lighting fixture that is both functional and creative is to do what many homeowners are doing. They are using supplies that they have found around the house or at antique shows and making them into a lighting fixture. You can stay with a kitchen type of theme and use things like mason jars, colanders or other materials that are found commonly in a kitchen. The great thing is that this has been used more widely and there are great options for you.
Glass Pendant Lights: One of the other options that you have when you are choosing a light fixture for your kitchen is to go with a pendant light. These are becoming more and more trendy and are a great addition to hang over your kitchen island or your dining room table. They are a sting of lights that are affixed to the ceiling and hang down to create light through a pendant shaped vessel. The vessel can be made of many materials but one of the most sought after is glass.
Modern, Rustic or Farmhouse Chandelier: If you think that using a chandelier is a thing of the past or that they are only for a mansion you are wrong. The great thing is that you can purchase a chandelier that fits your unique size and style. Be sure that you are aware of the space that you have to work with and use one over your dining table. This will create some ambiance when you shut the other lights off and you use just your chandelier. They are great when installed using a dimmer switch.
Square Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures: The last option that you can use when you are upgrading your kitchen lights is square lighting fixtures. These are a great take on a modern look for lights and can be outfitted with any number of lights. They also can be made from any material depending on what your kitchen is made of.

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