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Can You Plug an Extension Cord into Another? Holiday Lights Electrical Safety Tips in Norwalk, CT

The time is here where everyone is pulling out their decorations as a way to show off their holiday spirit. It is the one time in the year that people are ready to decorate the inside and outside of the house. The holiday season is the time of year that people also use to see friends and family and host dinners and feasts to celebrate. You want to make sure that if you are the host of one of those dinners you have a home that is inviting and ready to show off your love of the holidays. The way that most people do that is to take the lights out and other décor and get it all set up. There are lots of things you can set up to show off the look of your house for the holidays. Many of the things you will be using will need to have access to electricity. The problem is that each house has a certain number of outlets and they are of course attached to the house. That is where the extension cord comes into play. The problem is that if you are not careful they can be a danger to you and your family.

Sentry Electric Lists Ways to Stay Safe when Using Extension Cords this Holiday Season

Can You Plug an Extension Cord into Another?: One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are using a cord is by adding an extension cord and extending the length with a second cord. This piggy backing technique is a problem and can create a fire hazard. You want to make sure that you measure the length that you need and find a cord that fits those dimensions. The length should reach the outlet all the way to the item that you are trying to bring the electricity to. If you need to go out to find a cord that is the length you need it is better than the fire hazard that will exist if you do not.
Secure Extension Cords to Ground or Wall: When you are using a cord you are trying to reach a particular spot in the house or in the yard you want to make sure that you account for the length needed to also secure the cord. The cord should not be left where it can be tripped on and potentially pulled from the wall. You also want to make sure that the cord is not in an area that it can become damaged as well. You can use tape or other covers to keep the cord attached to the ground or you can use clips to secure the cord to the wall as well. This is a great way to keep the cord safe.
Extension Cord Wattage: If you are trying to plug in a heater for your outdoor party you want to make sure that the cord is the right one. The cord will have a rating that says how much wattage it can handle and when it comes to appliances and heaters they need more than the standard cord. Be sure that you know what you are getting so that you do not overload the cord and in the end overload the circuit of the house.

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