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Causes of a Scorched & Burnt Electrical Outlet in Fairfield County, CT; Circuit Overload & More

Finding that one of your electrical outlets has been blackened and melted by heat is something that many homeowners experience. There are many issues that might arise, such as frustration of the situation, and finally realizing the safety issue involved. This problem is not something to ignore, nor taken lightly and electrical problems do not go away, they only grow worse. Unaddressed electrical malfunctions are the source to severe electrocution and electrical fires that lead to severe injury, property damage and even death. When you first notice a problem, call for qualified electrician from Sentry Electric. Today, we Sentry Electric would like to elaborate on what may be causing the damage to your outlet.

Reasons Why Electrical Outlet May have Sparked & Smoked

Ultimately, the reason behind a charred or burnt outlet is usually due to excessive heat, which stems from a few issues; either installed wiring that is damaged or incorrectly, or circuit overload.
1) Installed Damaged or Incorrect Electrical Wiring: Wiring requires an unbroken channel for the electricity to flow through, and it is vital that the wire is installed to reflect this. Arcing commonly occurs when wires become old and worn, things begin to break loose; resulting in arcing which is when energy is given the opportunity for free flowing. Arcing can also be better described when a large amount of electricity shoots from the wire’s breaking point to the nearest conductor it can find, like the other broken end of wiring for example. A lot of heat is generated, enough to melt or burn any surrounding flammable material as the arcing shoots through the air. It is possible that electrical arcing is indeed the cause of the burnt outlet in the event the wiring in your home is old and possibly damaged by time, or possible if the installers did not deliver efficient electrical wiring services.
2) Electrical Circuit Overload: Appliances, loaded power strips, and other major power devices can sometimes overburden an outlet, which makes the demand beyond what the electrical wiring was designed to accommodate. The wiring will become hot and possibly ignite or melt anything that comes into contact with when it happens, especially the plastic outlet. This issue is more commonly attached to older homes that were not designed to power the modern appliances, electrical devices, and so on. The wiring used then was a smaller gauge and are inadequate to safely handle large flows of electricity. Turn off your power and call a licensed electrician immediately if you can smell electrical heat and a burning odor as it can be overloading the circuit.

Electrical Wiring Services in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

All electrical work should be left to the professionals as it is essential for your safety. Whether it is damaged or overloaded wiring, it requires knowledge and experience to repair. Insufficiently gauged wire should be replaced with a size that can meet the demands of your home or business and any old damaged wiring will need to be switched out with new wire. When you have a damaged outlet, do not wait, call Sentry Electric today and let our qualified experts diagnose and remedy the issue before damage or injury occur.

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