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Checklist for What to Expect from a Residential Home Electrical Inspection in Fairfield, CT

When buying a new home, you have a plethora of concerns in regards to the efficiency and overall condition of your home. Investing in professional inspections can help you in your final decisions to purchase the home if it is worth the cost. Inspections can assist you in avoiding inheriting a home’s costly repairs as well as potential hazardous consequences. Though home inspections are useful, they only cover the basics. The electrical system of a home you are interested in should have a comprehensive inspection to ensure the performance. In the event any issues are found, the electrician can include estimates on repairs and upgrades, allowing you to have all the facts when reaching a final decision. Electrical inspections are not only ideal for buying a new home, but they are pertinent if you already own your home or even have an inheritance property. However, at this time we at Sentry Electric would like to list a few examples of the benefits of investing in a home electrical inspection, particularly when buying or selling a home.

Benefits & What to Expect from a Home Electrical Inspection

1) Documentation for Buying and Selling. A professional electrical inspection looks for performance and adequate electrical wiring within the structure, whether you want to buy or sell a home. Showing proof of additional expenses that are needed to bring the electrical system up to code can give the buyer leverage over sellers as well as avoid costly repairs that are simply not in the budget.
Not only beneficial to buyers, but as the seller, having the formal documentation accounting that the electrical system is up to par can secure your asking price if all is well or give you the opportunity to make the upgrades or repairs yourself.
2) Early Detection of Future Problems. Early detection can be of use in the event there are problems developing in the beginning stages that can be easily repaired, allowing you to avoid major problems, or even hazardous catastrophes. With regular use nearly anything can deteriorate and with the passage of time decay, and the electrical system to any structure is not immune to the wear and tear. A professional electrical inspection includes a variety of diagnostic testing, visual inspection, and other techniques to ensure the natural deterioration hasn’t dramatically taken a toll on the wiring network. Keep in mind that over time outlets loosen, wires fray, and the performance drops. A licensed electrician can help you avoid hazardous results and costly repairs with a simple inspection.
3) Make Required Upgrades without Surprises. Older homes especially are often found equipped with outdated products and codes, making them vulnerable to hazards, high energy costs, and electrical deficiencies. A fuse box, typically installed in older homes, is the hub for all the wiring coursing through the house and the fuse box will be inspected for proper capabilities and recommendations that might include bringing the electrical elements up to code, minimize power consumption, enhance system efficiency, and eliminate safety hazards.

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Whether you are interested in buying a new home or trying to sell your own, or simply want to get the wiring up to code, call in the expert electricians of Sentry Electric for a residential home electrical inspection.

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