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Cool Electrical Upgrades for Your Westport, CT Home; Wall Outlet with USB Charging Ports & More

There are some areas of your home that you want to make sure work for you and make your life easier. This might be the flow of the house, the appliances that you are using and even the way that your furniture is set up. One area of the house that is made just to make life better is the electrical system. Having electricity is a benefit and not a necessity. You may take for granted how much you rely on the electricity you use in your house. You want to make sure you know what upgrades and additions you can make to your house when it comes to the electrical system. The more understanding that comes to the electrical world that we live in the more you will start to see it in your house. There are some advancements that you can use in your house if you call an electrician to make the upgrades for you. Sentry Electric outlines some of the best electrical upgrades you can make in your house.

Wall Outlets with USB Charging Ports

One of the things you will notice in your house is that kids and adults alike are looking for a spot to charge their phone. The issue is that the plugs are being used for other things such as fixtures, fans, appliances and more. That means the options left for charging your phone may be slim to none. You want to have enough areas to charge the phones in your house and there is a great option that is available to you now. You want to talk to your electrician about installing USB plugs in your house. You can talk to them about a specialty plug that can be wired right into the wall. The USB is part of the plug so that you can charge your smart phone and have a standard plug as well. This is a great way to increase the functionality of your home and make it easier to live your life.

Pantry Closet Lighting

Have you ever gone to the kitchen in the night for a midnight snack and not be able to see what your options are? The problem is that if you have a pantry with no lights it can be hard to see what you have. One of the upgrades you can make to your house is to have an electrician install pantry lights. The pantry lights are a great addition and can be made to come on when the doors open. This is the same thing that happens when you open your refrigerator. That way when you open it you can have light come on and you can see clearly what you have in your cabinet.

Dimmer Switches

Having a light turned on or off is the only option that most homes have. One of the best lighting additions you can make to your home is to have dimmer switches installed. The dimmer switches are a great addition so that you can adjust the amount of light you are using. You can use a soft amount of light when you first are up in the morning.

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