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Design Guide for How to Position & Layout Landscape Lighting in Your New Canaan, CT Yard

Your home is a place that you should feel proud of and that means that you want to make upgrades and changes to increase the appeal. There are lots of areas you can work on but the first look that people get from the outside is a great place to start. During the day your home will not need light on the outside to make it stand out but at night it can look dark and drab. You want to make sure that you do what you can to increase the light around your home. It is not just a simple flood light installation. This will give you light and brightness but the appeal and the aesthetic will decrease. Your lighting options can be fashionable and make sense while still giving the light that you want and need. Sentry Electric outlines what you can do to increase your outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting Layout

When you are choosing to have your outdoor lighting upgraded it is important to understand the layout. The layout will have a lot to do with the outcome and how bright the home and the landscape will be. You want to look around the house before you start to find where you want to add a pop of color and what you want to use as a focal point in the yard. The lights need to make sense when they are installed at your house. That is why you want to hire an electrician to come out and help with the preparation as well as install.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting Around the Outside of Your Home

Most homes have a standard lighting system. They are at the front door to give some light to the porch. You might also have lights at the front of the garage and that is where the light ends. If you are ready to upgrade the lights around your house there are lots of areas that could benefit. You can add lights to the steps of your home, along any walkway and increase how well the light is on your entry point. You also want to add lights to the landscape such as the trees, bushes and other hardscaping that will make an impact on the look of the home. It is a good idea to talk to a lighting designer to help identify where on your property would benefit.

Layered Lighting Design

You also want to create depth and dimension which you can do when you add lights to the home and landscape. The problem is that many people will add lighting just to the lower level of the home and on the ground level of the landscaping. You want to add layers with up lighting, stair lights and lights that span more than the just the patio. This is what will make the home have some dimension and texture as well. It is important to use a professional that has the ability to lay them out so that they all flow together.

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