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Diagnosing Common Home Electrical Problems Such as Flickering Lights in Stamford, CT

When you walk in your house you expect to flip a switch and the lights come on. You open the fridge to perfectly chilled food and beverages. You run your appliances and charge your phone with no concern. When it comes to electricity we are so used to everything just working the way we expect. You want to be sure that when you do have a problem with your electrical system you have it looked at and repaired by a professional electrician. The electrical system in your house is something that should be left to a professional due to the risk of heat, shock and fire that does exist. There are some aspects of electrical needs that are common and that people ask on a regular basis.

Sentry Electric Lists Signs of Home Electrical Problems

Lights Flickering & Dimming in House: There are times when you notice that the lights in your home will flicker. This can be from two main reasons and each of them require the help of an electrician. First you need to know how to recognize if it is all the lights in the entire house or if it is just a single area. If you notice a single bulb is the one that is flickering it can be due to the actual bulb. Check the bulb to see it if is screwed in all the way. The two situations that require help from an electrician is if it is in one area and happens when you turn on the microwave or the doorbell rings. The other problem occurs when all the lights flicker. This can be a problem with the transformer and it may need to be repaired or replaced.
Circuit Breaker Tripped & Won’t Reset: When you are working in the kitchen and all of a sudden the circuit trips, everything comes to a standstill. Everyone knows that you need to walk out of the house and check the breaker box. When you go out you can usually see which breaker has tripped. A quick flip and the power is back on. The problem is that sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes it won’t stick. This usually can be repaired by ensuring that the switch is all the way off before you turn it back on. Switch it back on and then the power should come on. If it does not then you need to have the breaker replaced all together.
Electrical Outlet Stopped Working: The outlets are set up strategically so that you can spread out the usage. When one of the outlets don’t work it can be a problem. If you think that an outlet is not working use a lamp or other item and check them individually. If one is not working it is important to look for a switch that might be attached to it. If it is still not working you need to have it looked at by a professional and repairs made.

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