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Did a Light Bulb go out?

When you have a light bulb go off, do you know what type it is and what to replace it with? It may seem like a silly question but there are several types of light bulbs to choose from and they each offer something different. Choosing what type of lighting you prefer and what you feel looks best in your home can make a big difference to the look, comfort and cost. Sentry Electric has prepared a list of the types of light bulbs that you could choose from and what each one has to offer.

Types of Light Bulbs

LED – This bulb is known by LED which stands for light emitting diode. This type of bulb is very energy efficient and can last a long amount of time. This bulb does have a cool look but it is not able to be used in all types of lighting systems. One of the reasons is that the LED light only offers a single directional beam of light. These are best used when a focused light source is needed such as under the cupboards in a kitchen or in your landscaping to highlight one particular plant or lawn feature.
Fluorescent – This type of bulb is best known for its long tubes that are used in many offices and schools. This bulb gives off a cold and most commonly a blue color light. They are the bulbs that are supposed to best represent daylight but can sometimes come across very harsh. This is a great light to use when you need to illuminate a large area such as a garage or basement. They usually come in different colors as well.
Incandescent – This is the most used type of bulb and is a very standard choice that many homeowners make. This is the cheapest option available and usually has a nice warm and comforting feeling. Incandescent bulbs are good for most people’s skin tone and can give you a healthy appearance. Even though the cost up front is cheaper, the bulbs don’t seem to last as long as other types of bulbs.
Halogen – This is a type of incandescent light and offers white light which looks most like sun light. Most colors seem sharper and are more vibrant under this kind of light. This kind of bulb can be dimmed to lessen the amount of light that is being used. This bulb type costs a little more than an incandescent light but it does last a bit longer. This is the kind of light that you will most likely use in recessed can lights found in many homes and offices.
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs – These are the light bulbs that looks like small tubes twisted in circles. They are considered to be the most energy efficient type of bulb that you can buy. They tend to last 10 times longer than a standard bulb. They can be used in any area that can take an incandescent light. They may cost more than the standard light initially, but they last so much longer and can save you time replacing your bulbs so often.

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