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Dimming & Flickering Fluorescent Lights & LED Light Bulb Electrical Problems in Stamford, CT

When you head home after a long day there are some aspects of home life that we expect to work. One of the main things are the lights! We want to be able to come home and flip a switch and the house be lit up so that we can function. That is why when you start to have problems with the lights it can be annoying. If you are starting to have any trouble with the lights you want to take it very seriously. That is because they are a part of a large system called your electrical system. The electrical system is what gives you the power that is needed to operate anything that plugs in or uses the internal wires of the home. That is just about anything that you use. Your appliances, lamps, laptop and more. The lights are a part of the home that are prewired so all you have to do is have a fixture installed and use a bulb.

Sentry Electric Explains Why Lights Are Flickering & Dimming

Why is My Light Bulb Flickering?: If you go to turn on a specific fixture and you notice that one of the bulbs in that fixture has a flicker to it you can check a pretty common occurrence. The most obvious and common issue is that the bulb has become loose and is not in contact anymore. The bulb needs to have a tight fit so that the connection is made fully. The other problem can be that the bulb is not the right size or it is crooked in the socket. If this occurs it can cause the light to flicker. You want to turn the light fixture off so that you can handle the bulb. Make sure that it has time to cool off then remove the bulb. You want to insert the bulb and make sure that it is straight and in tight. If this does not repair the problem you may need to have the fixture looked at by a professional electrician.
Light Flickers when Turned On: If you have lights that when you turn them on they will flicker then fully turn on then you are likely dealing with normal behavior. If you have lights that are fluorescent bulbs then that is their normal course of action. They will have some flickering at the start of the lighting process then smooth out to a full light. If the lights don’t stop after a few minutes then you could have a problem with the fixture of the electrical current that is feeding into the light.
Lights Flickering In Whole House: If you are noticing that the lights all through the house are flickering at any given time you could have a big problem. The lights that are flickering should be getting enough voltage to light them without having any flickering. You may need to have your entire panel looked at and tested to make sure that the voltage and the energy is being distributed evenly through the house.

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