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Does a Refrigerator, Microwave or Washing Machine Need a Dedicated Electrical Circuit in Darien, CT?

Does your home suffer from frequent tripped circuits? Or perhaps your lights will dim for no apparent reason. These are signs that you may want to add dedicated circuits to your home in order to accommodate your current electrical needs. Certain electronic features by code require dedicated circuits. However, as we bring more devices and modern electronics into our home, we may find the need for more dedicated circuits. Sentry Electric will share what devices need dedicated circuits, and what you may want to consider adding if you have these electronic features in your home.

Purpose of Dedicated Circuits

The individual circuits or wires are designed to only handle a certain amount of electrical draw. When more energy is required from various appliances or other electrical equipment, the devices can cause overload. When overloads occur, it trips the breaker which needs to be reset. Not every major appliance or electrical device requires their own dedicated circuit. However, National Electrical Code does require a dedicated circuit for the following:
• Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Equipment
• Refrigerator and Freezer Combinations or Singles
• Ovens, Stove or Cook Tops
• Dishwashers, Laundry Washing and Drying Machines
Consideration for Add-On Dedicated Circuits

What Other Appliances Can Benefit from a Dedicated Circuit

The above electrical equipment by code requires its own dedicated circuit. For those who know their home meets these requirements, yet it still suffers from frequent overloads, there are some other items in your home you may want to consider adding a dedicated circuit for. Below are some items or equipment you may want to assign an individual circuit.
• Toasters or Microwaves
• Hair Dryers
• Garbage Disposals
• Window Air Conditioners or Space Heaters
• Vacuums or other high powder Cleaning Equipment
• Water Heaters, Wells or Water Pumps, or Sump Pumps
• Garage Door Openers or Power Tools
• Pools, Hot Tubs, or Saunas
• Home Office Equipment
• High Power Appliances
This is a basic list of items that you can install a dedicated circuit for. However, don’t feel limited. An entertainment center can also benefit from a dedicated circuit, along with other high powered item and electronics.

How to Fix an Overloaded Circuit

If you have installed dedicated circuits for most all of your home electrical needs and you still are getting overloads, then check the electrical panel. If you’ve done upgrades to your home electrical system, make sure you upgraded your electrical panel as well. Most electricians will advise you if you electrical panel is adequate enough for the new circuits or if you need to upgrade the panel. However, in case the panel was overlooked, ask an electrician to inspect your panel and see if it meets the new power requirements.

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If your home suffers from frequent overloads, do an inventory of all your electronic devices and determine if your home will benefit from adding dedicated circuits in your home. Adding circuits requires an electrician to follow all proper codes and that the proper wiring is used for the new power needs. Additionally, an electrician can help determine which electronics would benefit most from a dedicated circuit and where. If you need additional circuits installed in your home, contact Sentry Electric.

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