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Does My Old Southbury, CT House Need Electrical Rewiring? Permanent Extension Cords & More

Your Stamford & Fairfield County home’s electrical wiring can easily be due for an upgrade and rewiring. Luckily if you live in a home for decades, or you recently acquired an older home through purchase or inheritance, there are signs that will tell you if your home needs a rewiring. Some indications are quite common, but few realize what the signs are that point to the home inadequately. After you get a clearer understanding from recognizing the signs, you will know whether or not your home is due for some upgrades and rewiring services. Today, we at Sentry Electric would like to share some of the common red flags that indicate your home is due for some rewiring.

Signs I Need to Rewire My Old House

Flickering & Dimming Lights. A common, but a very abnormal occurrence is when the lights dim every time your flip on an appliance or run your vacuum. The electrical flow is not able to accommodate the extra surge, which causes the lights to dim to compensate. Your home will not experience any dimmed lights when the vacuum or extra appliances are running with a home that is fully updated.
Permanent Extension Cords. Extension cords were never met for daily use, but only as a temporary solution. If you discover you have come to depend on them daily, you need more outlets installed in your house. Outlet installations with the rewiring services are in order to better proved the electrical demands you require.
Breakers that often trip. Because it is common, many assume it is normal for breakers to trip on a regular basis, but this is a clear sign your house is in need of some rewiring. Naturally running hot, the overloaded wires are the potential cause for home fires. As a warning, frequently tripped breakers should encourage you to get rewiring services done before your home catches fire or ensures extreme problems.
Installing New Appliances. With the inexpensive multitude of appliances and electronic devices, the average household has more and more gadgets that use electricity. With these commodities being in high demand, the home is not able to keep up with the electrical needs. The flickering or dimming lights or the breaker continuing to trip, and other related problems will frequently manifest once the load becomes to great for the wiring.
Rewire an Old House. Older houses were simply not designed to accommodate the electrical today’s electrical output. Homes constructed before 1970 are definitely behind with the electrical system, and if they have not been rewired, or even required in the last5-10 years, they are likely demonstrating all of the red flags the home is in need of rewiring. Contractors did not come to see all of the gadgets, appliances, printers, computers, home theater systems, and both other major and minor electrical devices that would need energy.

Electrical Wiring & More in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

The leading cause of residential fire, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, is faulty wiring. As a concern for your safety and eagerness to deliver quality workmanship, Sentry Electric is readily available to provide rewiring and upgrade services to your Stamford & Fairfield County home. Contact us today!

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