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Electrical Humming Noise or Intermittent Buzzing Sound in Wall of Your Westport, CT House?

Have you ever been sitting in your house and noticed a humming sound? This can be an annoying sound even though it is quiet it is still a noise that is in the background of your life. The humming sound is often coming from an aspect of your electricity and it can be futile trying to figure out where it is coming from. The fact is that the sound could actually be from an appliance or outlet that could be a warning there is a problem. That is why you want to be able to pinpoint the area that the sound is coming from. Then you can alert your electrician to come out and make an adjustment or repair to the area.

Sentry Electric Lists Ways to Locate an Electrical Humming Sound in Your Home

Use a Cone to Locate Pulsating Humming Noise: Have you ever seen an old photo of someone that is hearing impaired and they have a large cone on their ear. The great thing is that we now have access to hearing aids to increase people’s ability. Although the cone is not something that should be thrown out the window. The cone can be used to attempt to locate the electrical humming sound. It seems like the sound is everywhere and using the cone will help you. You can roll up a sheet of paper and use it in your ear to zone in on the sound. The sound will bounce into the cone and deep enough into your ear so that you can pinpoint the sound.
Record the Electrical Buzzing Sound: If you want to try and hear the sound louder than it is in the home you can do a recording. It is best to get something that will record the sound such as a cellphone. Record it in the area that you are hearing it so you can replay the sound. Now you can use headphones and the volume to enhance the sound to try and determine what is sounds like.
Test Circuit Breaker: Lastly you can use the elimination method to try and locate where the sound might be coming from. The best way to do that is to go out to your electrical breaker box and switch them all off. This will stop the stream of electricity and you can listen to see if the sound is gone. If the sound stops you know that is where it is coming from. Now you can turn them on one at a time. Listen carefully to see if you can hear the humming when it starts again. This will help you know which area of the house the sound is coming from and you can eliminate the rest.
Cause of Electrical Humming: The sound can be annoying and knowing what the cause is will help you to know what you need to do. There are several items that are in your home that could be the source of the sound. One could be the lights and fixtures, the wiring in the house behind the outlets and even the circuit breaker as well.

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