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Electrical Terms for Dummies in Norwalk, CT; Volts, Circuits, Breakers, GFCI & More

When you are using your homes electrical system you should have a good understanding about how it works. The best way to know it is working right and you are using it correctly is to make sure you know what the terms mean. There are many terms that might be used when talking about the electrical system that might make you feel unsure. The great thing is you don’t have to be a professional to have an understanding about what is being used and why. When you know what the terms mean you can use them when you call for a professional electrician. You can also learn more about the system that will help you know when there is a problem that might need your attention. Sentry Electric outlines some terms you need to know about when talking about your electrical system.


One of the terms that you will hear when people are talking about their electrical system is volts. If you have every traveled outside the US you will want to know more about the volts. One of the reasons is that the volts that are used here in the United States is different than other areas of the world. The volts are the number that is used to tell the force of the current that is running. The type of volts that are being used can require you to use a converter to allow you to use your charger and other electric items.

Electrical Circuits

The next term that you might hear is circuit. The circuit is a loop that is created to form the wiring that will create the electricity that is needed to give the appliances and fixtures what they need to function. The circuit might be the lights in the house or the washer and the dryer. There can be many circuits that are created that can be a part of your house. They are all started in the circuit box that has a breaker to allow the circuit to be broken if a problem exists.

Circuit Breaker

When it comes to the circuit you also will need to know about the breaker. The breaker is a part of the system and is there as a protection. The breaker is in each circuit and when there is a surge that could cause your appliances and fixtures to become damaged they will trip. When the breaker trips the circuit is cut and stopped and this will prevent the electricity from finishing of the loop. You may need to reset the breaker if it were to trip.


There is a breaker that is there for the loop that is created but more than that there is a GFCI which is called the ground fault circuit interrupter. This is something that is often on the outlets that are in areas where moisture may be a problem. The GFCI is a button that can be tripped for that single outlet. You can reset it right at the outlet instead of going out to the circuit box.

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