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Electrical Wiring FAQ in New Canaan, CT; How Do I know if My House Needs to Be Rewired & More

There are quite a few electrical services at your disposal. With the potential issues that vary from home to home the electrical rewiring can cover a long range of needs. A problem that happens in homes concerning the electrical wiring occurring in homes entails repairs, replacement, or even relocation in some cases to rectify the wiring conflicts. Because rewiring services covers a wide spectrum, we know people have their questions and we at Sentry Electric would like to take an opportunity to answer a handful of the most common frequently asked questions regarding electrical rewiring services.

Need to Update Electrical Wiring

Older homes, typically, are most likely to have rewiring concerns. Developers, homeowners, and contractors understand that newer homes need room for expansion and upgrades down the line and will frequently equip homes to handle the electrical needs of more. But since the older homes are not capable keeping up with the electrical homes, rewiring, expanding, and remodeling are often performed.

Electrical Wiring FAQ

Q: What should I know about electrical rewiring services?
A: Depending on how big the home is and what is all involved in the work, the electrical rewiring for a basic home can take a minimum of 10 days including the preparatory work and cleanup. Most electrician’s attempts to minimize the intrusion to the best of their abilities, but you have to keep in mind the work is a bit disruptive. Always feel welcome to ask your questions about the details of their work, but to expedite their process, try not to constantly disrupt their work.
Q: Should I invest in electrical rewiring services in the event my home sustained water damage or was flooded.
A: Electrical rewiring is needed in most of these situations. An inspection should be done following the water damage/flooding incident to see the extension of the damage.
Q: How do I know if my house needs to be rewired?
A: Even if your home is old, there is no solid guideline to what makes your home require an electrical rewire. You may want to consider a professional electrical rewire in the event you can relate to one or multiple of the following:
– Having an electrical inspection on a new home proves necessary to invest in rewiring services.
– Lights are flickering or not working at all.
– If deterioration of the rubber casing to your electrical wiring that was installed since the 1960s is showing.
– A recent flood/ water damage/ smoke damage inflicted your home.
Q: Is there anything I should do before my rewiring services.
A: Before your consultation, decide if you want any light fixtures changed or moved. Ask about costs and recommendations to how you need your electrical needs met. Before the service, note that there will be some construction dust-like particles when performing rewiring services. Cover up or remove sensitive electronic equipment and/or treasures from the rooms that are being rewired to keep them safe from the particles.

Electrical Wiring Services & More in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

When your home needs to be rewired to accommodate the electrical output your home demands, call in the experts of Sentry Electric and let our specialists get your home rewired safely and efficiently.

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