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Electricity Myths in Greenwich, CT; Conductors, Insulators, Speed, Power Lines & More

Electricity is now a natural part of our everyday lives. We rely on electricity to perform even the most simplest of tasks. Throughout the year many misconceptions and myths are told about electricity. Some of these misconceptions have had dire consequences. Sentry Electric would like to share or correct some of these myths to give a proper understanding about electricity and how to keep your home safer.

Myths About Electrical Conductors & Insulators

In the world of electricity, it is essential to have a proper understanding of insulators and conductors. A conductor allows electricity to flow or pass through while the insulator prevents or stops the flow of electricity. Metallic materials are often used as conductors such as copper wiring. The wiring is covered with an insulator such as a rubber tubing. One of the greatest myths is that rubber and wood can be an insulator. Yes, rubber is used to stop the flow of electricity, but not all rubber is made equal. Many believe that rubber gloves or the rubber on the bottom of shoes can protect them from electricity. This is false. Lots of rubber items such as shoes, and gloves contain synthetic material which can allow the passing of electricity. Wood can stop some of the flow of electricity but not all, and if the wood gets wet, electricity can fully pass through. Electricians use voltage protection gloves that are made with a strong specialized rubber to protect them from high voltage.

Misconception that Electricity is Weightless

The weight of electricity is not common knowledge but a fun fact regardless. Most people believe that electricity doesn’t have any weight at all, but in fact, it does. Electricity actually has mass. The mass is in the electrons that is produced with an electrical charge.

Are Power Lines Insulated?

One myth that needs correcting is that power lines are insulated. Many people see birds safely land on the power lines throughout the city and never get hurt. Just because the power line won’t hurt birds and other animals doesn’t mean they are insulated. Insulating power lines to withstand the amount of voltage is near impossible and very expensive if done. Instead, Power lines are coated with a protective sealer that is designed to prevent weathering. However they are not truly insulated. Birds and smaller animals are not good conductors which is why they are not harmed when they land on power lines.

Speed of Electricity

Many assume that electricity can travel at the speed of light. When lightning flashes it lasts mere seconds and can happen very quickly. However, electricity doesn’t travel nearly as fast as the speed of light. The electrical current that runs through a home actually only travels at 1% of the speed of light which is the equivalent of 1,000 miles per hour. Electricity still travels very fast but not nearly at the speed of light.

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There are many myths and interesting facts concerning electricity. However, the most important fact is that electricity is dangerous and must be respected. We use electricity every day and it is essential to know how to use electricity safely. Make sure to have regular maintenance and electrical inspections to ensure your home’s safety. For professional electrical services, contact Sentry Electric today.

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