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Flickering Lights is Often an Electrical Wiring Problem & Fire Hazard in Norwalk, CT

There are few that seem to notice the very subtle effect of flickering lights where as to most folks; it is an annoying distraction that sends us into madness. If not corrected, depending on the underlying source of the issue, it could lead to serious safety hazards. We at Sentry Electric would like to take the opportunity to discuss flickering lights in your home.

Flickering Lights Meaning?

Based on the amount of power that comes in through the lines that lead into your home, all the lights will flicker to some extent. Regular flickering lights often suggest power use or connection dilemmas. The electric supply from the lights is being siphoned to power on an appliance, like an air conditioner for example. This is due to the unit being at the maximum amperage.

Lights Flicker when Dishwasher or Dryer Starts

Another problem that faults either the electrical panel or the meter is when the lights are flickering in unrelated issues to large appliances kick starting on. The light bulb itself or the socket can be the source if one room of light bulbs is dimming and others are not. To confirm the theory, replace the bad bulb and if the problem persists, the circuits will need to be evaluated and corrected by a licensed electrician.

Troubleshooting Flickering Lights in One Room or Whole House

Depending on the type of bulb, flickering lights can be a challenge. Though LED lights are replacing the fluorescent light bulbs, both can experience the flicker. Being different in nature, the causes will be different, which will make rectifying the issue different.
Fluorescent Light Flickering – To troubleshoot flickering fluorescent bulbs, it is often the light bulb coming to the end of its lifespan, or the starter in an old fixture wearing out. You can test both the bulb and fixture to determine which the culprit is and get it replaced if you happen to be electrical savvy and have the equipment to do so.
LED Lights Flickering – To troubleshoot the LED lights that are flickering, though some would believe it to be a challenge, start by replacing light bulbs that have dark spots. The flicker is typically from the voltage changes in the power supply to the light. It is likely because the bulb itself isn’t compatible with the connecting switch, for instances a dimmer switch.

How to Fix & Repair Flickering Lights

You can definately significantly reduce the frequency of flickering, but it can be near impossible to stop it altogether. Reducing a serious issue can help you avoid risks of fires and other hazards associated with circuits and wiring. Replacing the fixture is the best option with fluorescent lights that flicker. When replacing the fixture, keep in mind that LED lights are replacing the fluorescent lights that are being phased out. When the LED light flickers, start at the power supply to remedy the issue, particularly if the flickering lights are sharing power supplies with air conditioning or other major appliances.

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In many cases, having an experienced electrician helping you correct the flickering lights will be your better option because we have the skills, equipment, and expertise to pinpoint the issues and rectify the situation. Call Sentry Electric today if you are experiencing an issue with flickering lights or other electrical components.

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