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Home Automation System Ideas in Darien, CT; Smart Outlets, Advanced Surveillance & More

Domotics, or home automation is just what it sounds like. It is the ability to control the things in your home by voice or smart device. In the early 1900’s electric power distribution made home appliances possible. This opened up a new way of life for people and brought a convenience of saving hard-working people valuable time they needed, to tend to other things. The washing machine came to be in 1904 and shortly thereafter came the refrigerator, sewing machine, dishwasher clothes dryer and so on. Most of us love living in the day and age that we do. We couldn’t be alive at a better time, right? Technology surrounds us, everywhere we look things are evolving and becoming more convenient. From smart phones to smart homes, we’ve really got it made. We have just about everything at our fingertips. Back in the 90’s the things we have access to today were portrayed on the television shows we watched, or in the magazines we read. Now those dreams have become a reality. We can control just about everything in our home from our smart phone or by voice. Don’t want to get up to turn off that light? You don’t have to! If you haven’t began upgrading your home with smart features, you’re really missing out! Today Sentry Electric has compiled a list of our favorite smart devices that can be installed with the help of our experienced electricians.

Smart Home Automation Products

1: Smart Blinds– These are controlled by solar powered sensors that detect direct sunlight and will close your blinds automatically to avoid unnecessary heat entering your home, saving you money in energy costs. You can also control them via switch with a Bluetooth remote.
2: Light Occupancy Sensors– Gone are the days when you had to tell your children to shut off the lights when they’re done. Light occupancy sensors sense motion and will turn on the lights when one enters the room and will automatically shut off when it senses the room is empty. These are affordable too.
3: Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulbs– You can control the color and brightness of the bulbs from the convenience of your smart phone or smart device.
4: Smart Thermostats– Are you ever guilty of rushing out the door to get to work and remembering half way there you forgot to turn up the air? Thank goodness for smart thermostats that you can digitally and remotely adjust your heating and cooling settings from just about anywhere. You can even set it up to detect when you’re almost home and have it start heating or cooling to your desired temperature.
5: Smart Outlets– Now you can control energy sucking devices remotely to conserve power in your home. Electronics like gaming consoles can use up a ton of energy even when they are in the off position. You can control these via smart device and Wi-Fi or set it to an automatic timer as well.
5: Advanced Surveillance Systems– Get Hi-Def picture and sound quality to monitor your homes at all times with the newest advancement in home security. Controlled via WI-FI, voice recognition, or smart device. These high-tech systems require an experienced electrician to install for optimal performance.

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There we have it, chances are if you are reading this today, then you have considered upgrading your home to the latest and greatest. Call Sentry Electrical today and schedule your in-home assessment and get on the road to a smarter home!

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