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Home Electrical Safety Tips for Children in Greenwich, CT; Avoid Overloaded Outlets & More

We rely on electricity every day. It is an essential part of our lives. However, it is also very dangerous, especially for children. As children grow they become more curious and until they learn the dangers of electricity, it is important to protect your children. Sentry Electric would like to share some basic practices for child safety, some of which you may have all ready considered and some you may not have. Following are some of the basics of electrical safety.

Electrical Safety for Kids; Tips & Rules to Follow

1. Never overuse a single outlet or extension cords. Not only can it harm children but also is one of the common causes of electrical fires.
2. All electrical cords from all the devices in the home should be properly secured in place and away from little hands. Additionally, it helps prevent pets from chewing on the cord. This could expose the wires within which, again, is hazardous.
3. Make sure kids can’t climb fences that are near electrical substations. Make sure to keep kids away from fences and most especially metal fencing. Kids should also not play around electrical wiring systems, including flying kites outside or sticking toys inside outlets and electrical devices.
4. Make sure little ones can’t pull on cords. In so doing they can eventually strip the protective cover away from the cord and expose the wires which can cause harm and fires.
5. Don’t let children plug electrical devices into outlets. Same for charging electrical devices, often kids can put adapters in the wrong place and get electrocuted.
6. Teach your children it is dangerous to climb trees that are near or make contact with electrical lines.
7. Make sure to also teach your children how dangerous it is to mix electrical devices with water. For example hair dryers, electrical devices, and toys is not always a good idea.

Home Child Proofing Checklist & Why it is Important

When you have children under the age of five years old, it is dangerous to not properly secure your home and child proof your electrical features in your residence. Start by using outlet covers to prevent children from sticking objects into them. There are external covers that can completely lock kids out, which some say is better than just the plug-in outlet covers. Others would recommend hiding outlets with furniture as well. Extension cords or other electrical cords should be secured to the corners of the wall. There are many ways you can wrap and secure all of the cords to prevent kids from grabbing or tripping over them. It is also a good idea to seal the electronics. Keep them enclosed in entertainment centers or up high where little kids can’t grab them.

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Teaching a child about the dangers of electricity is just as important as protecting your children from the electricity and the electrical features found all over your home. For more advice on protecting your children from electricity, or if you need help inspecting or repairing your home’s electrical features, contact Sentry Electric. We are dedicated to keeping your home and your family safe. For all of your electrical commercial and residential needs, contact Sentry Electric today.

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