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Home Lighting Design Basics in Norwalk, CT; Installing Ambient, Task & Accent Light Fixtures

When designing the lighting in your home, you will be working with three basic types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. All of the lighting found within your home falls into one of these three categories. Today, Sentry Electric is here to define each of these categories to help you in making lighting decisions for your home.

Ambient Lighting Examples

Ambient lighting is possibly the most important form of lighting in your home. This is the artificial light that will replace sunlight. This form of lighting will illuminate your entire space and is known as general lighting in a home. Many people aren’t happy with general lighting and are interested in adding the other two layers of lighting to help enhance lighting even more. Some of the forms of ambient lighting you may find are: ceiling fixtures and chandeliers, lighted ceiling fans, torchieres or sconces and recessed ceiling lights. Once you have a good base of ambient light, you can start making plans to work on other lighting choices.

Office Desk, Under Cabinet & Other Task Lighting

Places that you may find task lighting comes in handy are areas that you need to concentrate on specific tasks. You may choose task lighting in your kitchen, office or even bathrooms. You want this lighting to be free of any shadows or glares that could get in the way of the project you are working on. Task lighting should also be very bright so you have better vision when it is on and won’t have to worry about straining your eyes. Some forms of task lighting include: desk or table lamps, pendant lighting, directed track lighting and vanity lights.

Indoor Accent Lighting

Accent lighting, when used right, can be used to create a certain mood in any room. Not only is it great for setting the tone of a room, but it is used to highlight different architectural features found in your home. When there are design accents around the room, accent lighting can spotlight them and draw attention to artwork and other important objects. Some forms of accent lighting you may see are: directed track lighting, can & up lights, niche lighting, picture lights, wall sconces, light bridges and more.

Home Lighting Designs for New Builds

When you are building a house, laying out the lighting design is exciting. You have a completely clean slate to work with. There are a couple considerations you should make when you are selecting the lighting for your home. You should consider how the room is going to be used, appropriate fixtures, energy efficiency as well as cost.

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No matter what lighting features you have chosen for your home, you want to make sure they are installed correctly. The lighting experts at Sentry Electric have the experience and resources to create a beautiful space for you using light. We can consult with you about your lighting goals and vision for your home and create a home that has the lighting of your dreams. Call us today!

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