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How to Avoid a Residential Electrical Code Violation in Darien, CT; Lighting Requirements & More

Some people want to do their own home projects and update the house when needed. The problem is that YouTube can only take you so far and there are many times that you should use an expert. One area of home remodeling that you really want to ensure that a professional is on site is in the electrical system. There are times you want to make changes to the outlets, lighting fixtures and appliances and if you make mistakes it can lead to code violations. When you use a professional we will make plans for the changes as well as pull permits. The permit means that the work will be looked at and checked to ensure that it is up to code. The codes are there as a way to keep the work safe and you and your family. The electrical system can be tricky to get right and that is why an electrician is important to hire when making these changes. We can help you to avoid code violations that could be putting you and your family in danger. Sentry Electric outlines how to avoid code violations when you are upgrading your electrical system.

Recessed Lighting Code Requirements

One of the best lighting fixtures to have installed in a home to increase the amount of light while using the least amount of space and not taking away from the décor are called recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is a fixture that is installed in the ceiling in a particular room and wired to a switch. The problem is that people are choosing to install these kids of lights and not understanding what is needed. The fixture needs to have enough space so that it does not create a fire hazard. The lights will be installed in the ceiling and many of them are not rated to touch any insulation. That means that you need to be sure that the light has a three foot space around it. If not the fixture can heat up and that will heat up the insulation and that can cause it to ignite. To avoid this code violation you want to make sure that you have it done by a professional or ensure that there is enough space around the light.

Fitting a New Light Fixture to Old Electrical Wiring

Another problem that people have with code violation is when they replace a fixture. It can seem too easy to just install you new fixture and use the wires that you have in the wall already. The problem is that the wires can be too old and not be rated to accommodate the new fixture. That is why you want to make sure that the wiring is also changed out which can be done with a splice box.

Too Many Wires in Electrical Box

If you want to increase the number of fixtures and lights you may need to add more wiring and that can lead to overcrowding. If you are putting more than three wires in a single hole it can over load the area and that will cause the casing to become damaged. The damaged wires will lead to heat that can melt other wires and create a fire hazard.

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