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How to Coordinate Lighting Fixtures for Open Concept or Enclosed Rooms in Westport, CT

Whether you are buying a new home or remodeling your current home, you can spend hours looking at different options for each and every room in your home. There are so many decisions to be made as you make your home match your individual style. Completing your room with the correct light fixture can be a tricky task. There are tons of options out there for you.

Dining Room Chandeliers

If you have a room that needs a statement piece, a chandelier is an excellent option. The large size of a chandelier naturally draws your eye to the light fixture. Chandeliers come in many different styles. You can find chandeliers with beautiful crystals or sleek chrome arms.

Pendant Lights for Kitchen

Pendant lights are individual lights that hang down on a long pole or wire. They are the perfect option for smaller spaces or areas that need direct lighting. Pendant lights are the perfect option for your kitchen island. Attention is drawn to pendant lights partially because they hang closer to eye level.

Ceiling Mount Light Fixtures

While chandeliers and pendant lights are frequently selected to help make a design statement, ceiling-mount light fixtures are normally selected for their subtleness. Family rooms, hallways, and kitchens all need lighting in them. You can choose canned lights that do not make a statement for these areas, or you can choose a ceiling-mount light fixture that will still add a decorative touch to the room.

Wall Sconces

Overhead lighting is always an excellent way to add light to your home, but you can also choose to put your lights on your walls instead. Wall sconces can add the light desired in the room as well as some extra character to your room. If you have a wall in your home that you want to stand out, installing wall sconces is a perfect option. Wall sconces are a fantastic alternative to track and spot lights.

Bedroom Table & Floor Lamps

You may choose not to have all of your lighting come from permanent fixtures. Lamps provide lighting that is portable. For those of you who like to frequently change your home around, lamps can be a fun option. Lamps come in many unique shapes, sizes, and colors. You can combine tall, short, thin, or chunky lamps throughout your home to add some fun design elements and additional lighting all at the same time.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting provides the illumination desired in a room or hallway without making a design statement. Sometimes you just need the light with no frills. Canned lighting also has clean lines which can be the perfect choice for a contemporary room.

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What type of lighting you choose to put in your home is such a personal decision. Light fixtures can help add the character to your house that will help make your home fit your individual style and taste. Once you decide on the lighting fixtures that you prefer, contact Sentry Electric for your installation needs. We can send one of your electricians out to give you a quote for all of your electrical needs! Contact us today!

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