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How to Find What is Tripping My Circuit Breaker Without Load & How to Reset in New Canaan, CT

The circuit breaker tripping is something many homeowners have experienced. The circuit breaker is a fail-safe that cuts off power to certain areas or the whole house once it trips. Though most of the time all it takes to restore power is to push the breaker switch off than back on, there are some things that you should know about a tripping circuit breaker. We at Sentry Electric would like to take the opportunity to discuss the circuit breaker tripping.

How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

The breaker switch will shut off when a surge of energy overloads a circuit, such as when a heavily stressed outlet drawing too much current or from a lightning strike for instance. Take account the following steps to restore the power from the circuit breaker if such an event occurs.
1) For safety concerns, switch or unplugged the power devices that was shut off when the circuit breaker tripped. If your TV, or other appliance or equipment, does not have manual switch, simply unplug until you deal with the circuit breaker. When the breaker is reset, it can potentially damage to these devices if the left powered on and plugged in.
2) The breaker switch will be in the middle when it trips. Be sure to push the switch fully in the off position and then back on. The circuit breaker may also be color-coded to help identify if the power is off if you see a red or orange color. The breaker switch, back on, will restore the power to the lights, appliances, and outlets once you have plugged them back in. Usually isolated instances are not a concern, but if they persist, hire an electrician as quickly as possible.

Why Does Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping

A replacement may be highly likely, but when a circuit breaker that continues to trip, it either stems from age and the wear and tear that happens over the years, or from something more serious. Though the reasons are quite a few, the most common causes of a tripped circuit breaker are listed below.
1) Ground Fault: Within the metal box housing, a hot wire and bare ground wire are both touching producing an effect known as a ground fault. The circuit breaker will continue to trip because of a chain reaction is set off that pushes more electricity through the circuit than it’s supposed to hold that will burn the outlet out.
2) Short Circuit: Though common, short circuits can be potentially dangerous. An overload of current flows through the circuit from an electrical outlet with a hot wire” that is contacting a neutral wire, creating heat. The circuit breaker automatically shuts off to prevent electrical fires in these situations as a safety measure.
3) Overloaded Circuit: Overloaded circuits are fairly common, but they can lead to damaged electronics or electrical fires. An overloaded circuit is when amps coming through the circuit from an electrical system or certain circuits can’t handle it.

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If you are dealing with a circuit breaker that continues to trip, call in the certified electricians of Sentry Electric for an inspection and our experts can determine the issues and safest and most efficient solution. Contact us today!

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