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How to Organize Electrical Cords, Wires & Cables in Greenwich, CT Behind Desk or TV, Storage & More

Most people have a plethora of electronic equipment around the home. The living area where the entertainment center is located, for example, often houses a number of devices from TV, cable or satellite dish network, sound system, gaming network, blue ray or DVD player and other such devices is just one area. Another example is the work area, consisting of the desktop computer, laptop, printers and other such accessories. Charging stations for phones, tablets and other gadgets is also common. No matter the electronic stations you have around your home, the cords accumulating can be quite the eyesore and the tangled mess can be a nuisance to sift through when you need to replace or remove the cord in question. Instead of dealing with the chaos, organize the mess with the provided tips and suggestions we at Sentry Electric have provided below.

How to Keep Electrical Wires, Cords & Cables Organized

1) Foam Pipe. Conceal the unsightly mess of cords with foam pipe insulation or the noodle for the pool. To help secure and conceal loose cords simply cut the appropriate size slice and slide the cords inside.
2) Paper Binder Clips. Another ideal way to keep cords from slipping into the abyss is paper binder clips. You can easily locate and plug in your devices without fishing for the correct cord by labeling them and clipping them out of the way.
3) Extra Cord Storage. You can never have too many extra cords according to the variety of uses. The drawer can quickly become the source that gets avoided at all costs when it comes to storing them. Fold up the cords and secure them in the tubes of upcycle toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls.
4) Peg Boards. To organize the electrical cords and manage the additional related paraphernalia, invest in peg boards. They are simple to use and see when you need something.
5) Label Plugs at the Outlet Center. You can write what each plug is for on small sticker labels, or bread tabs in order to make it easier to retrieve the correct cord when the need for unplugging something arises. ID Pilot Identification Labels are pictured with a device and are the perfect size that sticks to the plug for your convenience if you want a little more organization.
6) DIY Wraps. The excess cord can be cumbersome to deal with when it comes to lengthy headphone sets. A solder wick spool, for example can help manage the extra length on cords with a creative and convenient upcycled spool to wrap your cords can be handy.
7) Fasten Cords Together. To eliminate tangling and better concealment the cords that drape down together can be tied and secured together. Available at most office supply stores are the Velcro ties for convenience. Zip ties and bread ties work well too.
8) DIY Charging Stations. Create a separate recharging station for handheld devices. Select a durable box to house your devices; show boxes, plastic storing boxes, or wooden boxes if you are handy. Simply cut quarter size holes out the bottom and plug them into a power wand so you can kill the power at a flip of a switch to avoid using unnecessary power.

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A professional can help you organize as well as audit the power supply coming into your electrical devices. Call the experts of Sentry Electric for assistance!

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