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Indoor Lighting Tips in Stamford, CT; Accent Lights, Front Entrance Indoor Light Options & More

A rather complex process is designing and installing lights inside your home. To optimize the lights and their impact, there are quite a few factors to consider. In order to avoid serious injury or property damage, always hire a licensed electrician perform the installations when it comes to adding new lights in your home. Electrical work requires understanding and training for efficiency and safety. Also, to ensure the wiring and securing the light fixtures are all in accordance to the building’s codes and regulations, having a licensed pro in your corner will make sure the job is done right. Having more and/or upgraded lights installed in your home is not only practical, but it will contribute to mood, ambiance, and the overall style of your home. To help you plan the light enhancement in your home, we at Sentry Electric have compiled a few tips and suggested listed below.

Colorful Accent Lights

When the furniture is seemingly plain, and the room is heavily drained in neutral shades, a splash of colorful lighting or within the fixtures itself can help a room be a little spicier. Without some kind of pizzazz, the room will be washed out. For instance, a room with a minimalist design typically has white or black couches and the room may be painted in primarily white or cream colors. Implement bright gold or bronze fixtures to offer more to the room.

Soft Lighting in Bathrooms

In areas such as the home office or garage, you need the powerful task-based lighting. As opposed to powerful lighting, try softer lighting in the bathroom, where there is still plenty of lights. Since the bathroom is the last place you are before bed and first place you go in the morning, you do not want the harsh blast of powerful lights. To make it easier on the eyes, install softer lights with warm coloring, perhaps install the small wall with scones and track lighting on separate switches to keep the lights minimal when you do not need too much, but it is there when you are getting ready for the day.

Front Entrance Indoor Lighting

Make the entrance more welcoming by starting with the exterior of the doorway and increase the lights on the side of the doorway. Flood the entryway with lighting to give people a better opportunity to see where they are going by flanking each side of the front door sconces and hanging the chandelier in the center of the walkway. With so many styles, you can find one that fits your tastes and your home’s design.

Ceiling Lights

Living rooms and kitchens are great places to take advantage of the ceilings for improved lighting. Instead of under the counter on the table lighting, you can install recessed lighting options to ceiling above. If the room has an exceptional amount of natural light on its own, install dimmer switches to soften the light or add just enough light. Also, LED energy-saving bulbs added to the recessed lighting is also ideal.

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Where every home is designed with architectural focal points, you can choose to easily enhance these details with the right lighting. Many homeowners have created impressive displays as the lighting accentuate the overall look of your home with so many design options to customize your home. No matter what you choose, when installing lights inside your home, call in the experts of Sentry Electric and let our talented and licensed professionals get the job done safely and efficiently.

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