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Installing Recessed Lighting in Westport, CT; Proper Placement Layout, Spacing & Design

Most people move into a house happy with the way that it is, while others move in seeing all the options that the home has to offer. You can make some upgrades to areas of your house that add value and make the house feel more like what you want it to. This is of course in the way of décor and paint color but it can be more then that too. You can choose to upgrade the layout of the house and remove walls to open the living space. When it comes to the electrical system there are lots of ways to add to your home and upgrade what you already have. The lights in your house may be lacking, leaving space to make some great changes. One addition that people are making more often in their home are recessed lights. When the homes are built they might be skimpy on how many they choose to place or where they place them. Adding more recessed light or upgrading to recessed light has many benefits.

Sentry Electric Lists Advantages of Recessed Lights

Proper Placement of Recessed Lighting Opens the Room: When you have a room that feels a little small and closed off there are a few things that you can do. Of course you can take on a home renovation and open the walls up or you can take a much simpler approach. The best way to open the space up is to add lights to the room. The best lights to do that in a small space is to used recessed lights. They are a great way to add light to a space which will make the room look and feel more open.
Recessed Lighting Leaves Space Open: When you want to start adding light to a room you have to get a table that you can set near a plug. Then you have to purchase a lamp that you can plug in and turn on when you enter the room. This will take up the floor space in your house that you could be using in another way. You can also avoid the table but you have to buy a floor lamp that will take up less space but still has to be in a certain area. The better choice you have is to have recessed lights added to the room. They are wired to a switch and leaves the entire room open. You can decorate in any way that you choose without being limited.
Recessed Lights are Universal: The great thing about recessed lights when it comes to your house is that they are a great choice for any room in the house. You can use them in a kitchen, bathroom and main living room if you want to. You can add décor around the room to set the tone while letting the recessed lights bring in the brightness. They fit any type of style that you want from modern to rustic.

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Sentry Electric has the ability to make a plan to upgrade all the lights in your house. Call us today to meet with one of our lighting consultants.

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