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Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas and Plug In Outlet Power Solutions

One of the most important rooms in your home is the kitchen. Traditionally the kitchen is a place of gathering; more time is spent in the kitchen during waking hours than any other room in the home. The way we light our home, especially the kitchen, affects the way the space functions and how it makes us feel to spend time there. Your choice of lighting is one of the most important decisions you will make when updating or remodeling a kitchen. Rather than attempt to DIY, consult a professional to guide you in your lighting selection and installation. Sentry Electric is the premier electrician and electrical contractor servicing residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Fairfield County such as Stamford, Greenwich and Norwalk CT.

Sentry Electric recommends layering your lighting. There are four layers of light:
Task Lighting – illuminates work spaces.
Accent Lighting – highlighting that adds depth and dimension.
Decorative Lighting – adds interest to a space.
Ambient Lighting – gentle light that fills the room and bounces off the ceiling

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot or a little space, these four layers of lighting can be incorporated into any size room. Your family and friends will be drawn into your kitchen with the following easy strategies.
• Many kitchens have an open floor plan, so consider the adjacent areas of your home. Match the color of your light fixtures so the whole area flows.
Use different shapes and go beyond the traditional style oval fixture design.
• Use adjustable fixtures to light artwork and other hanging keepsakes.
Adding glow to cabinets creates dimension, visual interest and depth.
Toekick lights underneath base cabinets illuminate the floor and serves as a functional nightlight.
Under-counter lighting; when opening dark draws you can see inside.

Lack of Power Outlets

A common problem area in the kitchen is a lack of power outlets when you need them most. Not only are outlets limited in number, they are often positioned in odd locations that are just not functional. Sentry Electric suggests a kitchen pop-up tower. These towers are installed directly into your kitchen countertop, allowing for a multi outlet bar to pop up at the push of a button. Pop-up towers are specifically designed for spaces where spills are often common and feature a rubber ring which forms a seal to prevent water from leaking into the device. What you don’t see can often be as important as what you do see. Another power strip option is to reduce visual clutter by hiding power outlets in an unused spot under the cabinets.

Professional Lighting Fixture and Power Solutions

Contact Sentry Electric today and speak with a customer service professional about your new lighting and power installations. We are a local family owned and operated, licensed and insured emergency electrician company serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in Fairfield County and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Our skilled and highly trained technicians offer all kinds of electrical installations & repairs, new construction, remodels and troubleshooting including: outlets, switches and surge protection, circuits, breakers and panel’s Interior lighting, exterior lighting and much more.

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