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Kitchen Lighting Designs & Layout Ideas in Darien, CT; Light Centerpieces, Functional Lights & More

Sometimes a home could use some upgrades or adjustments to make it more suited to your tastes or the latest trends. A rather intricate and dynamic role is the lighting. The dull, simple light fixture can make it difficult to see recipes, prepare meals, create delicious pastries, or even see the people gathered around the table. Getting some additional lights or adding features can be very beneficial with the varying options that are available to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and ambience. Being that kitchens that are the heart of the home where many families spend the majority of their time together, a well lit area is optimal to cook, chat, eat, work on projects, and so on. With that in mind, we at Sentry Electric would like to take the opportunity to discuss some of the options you have to better illuminate your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

1) Lighting centerpiece. Go for the prominently eye catching ceiling fixture on the ceiling. Leave the efforts to sufficiently camouflaged fixtures strategically placed under the cabinets when it comes to giving your kitchen the functional and adequate lighting. Consider the centerpiece of the kitchen to be a
vintage or antique fixtures on the ceiling.
2) Illuminate dark corners. Brighten those dark corners that make it difficult to see when you spend a lot of time cooking, baking, or even crafting in the kitchen and need the better lighting for the for counter space. To give off the light you need and to not get stuck in dark corners, install subtle lights under cabinets, over walk ways, stove tops, sinks and prepping areas.
3) Functional lighting for lifestyle. Keeping your sense of style is just as important, as we mentioned the heart of the home is the kitchen and having adequate lighting is important for completing tasks in the kitchen. While still having additional lights serving your needs, you can incorporate lighting fixtures that fit your home and your lifestyle. You can have the gratification of seeing the little things you love as busy yourself in the kitchen.
4) Emphasize and compliment aesthetics. To dramatically improve the feel and dynamics of your kitchen, simply replace light fixtures to correspond the overall design style of your home. Use contemporary custom light fixtures to compliment clean cut architectural lines on furniture and strikingly bold art for example.
5) Get creative. It’s okay to break away from tradition. Breaking out from traditional pendants, lighting above a kitchen island is not only beneficial, but it can add the right touch of dazzle. Get the lighting above your island to help brighten up your kitchen if it is not already installed. Choose a light fixture liken unto a skylight for a clean and uninterrupted appearance.
6) Layered lighting. Put lights on multiple levels for those that love you lighting options. Insist all lights are featured with dimmers along with multiple levels. For example, a few floor lights around an island, with functional lights under the cabinets, and the elegant ceiling lighting can give the room versatility in creating subtle ambience, or well lit working space all at the same time.

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No matter what you have in mind, we at Sentry Electric can help you get your wiring set and the fixtures installed to get the lighting you want in your kitchen quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely! Contact us to schedule a lighting consultation today!

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