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Landscape Lighting Design Guide in Darien, CT; How to Position Outdoor Lights & More

Does your yard need some improvements to its lighting? Landscape lighting adds to curbside appeal, wards of potential burglars, and increases safety while walking around at night. There are a number of reasons why you may want to improve or add landscape lighting. If you want to add or improve your landscape lighting then Sentry Electric would like to make a few suggestions on improving your property’s landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Before you run out to buy landscape lighting there are a number of things you should consider or you may be shopping blindly. Start by walking around your yard. You may even want to make a crude sketch of the yard to help determine your lighting system needs. Make a note of where you want to place lights and their purpose. There are motion sensors that can help improve security while providing light when someone approaches. You may want a constant spotlight for security. Then there is accent lighting that can light up certain features of your yard to add to night time curbside appeal. Layout your lighting needs to help make an accurate and efficient shopping list. When shopping for lighting, it is recommended you buy yellow colored lights. Insects are often attracted to light. However, they are less attracted to yellow colored lights. Therefore, it helps reduce insects around your home if you use yellow light bulbs.

Solar Powder Lights for DIY Landscape Lighting

For those who plan to do their own landscape light installation, most electricians will recommend solar lights. They are energy efficient. Additionally, they don’t require the installation of electrical cords and wiring which can be hazardous if done incorrectly. If you want electrical wired lighting it is recommended that you use a professional electrician. Solar lights need to be placed in sunny area so the sun can power the batteries during the day and efficiently light up the yard at night. Solar lights are easy and make great lighting for walkways, or flowerbed accent lighting.

Outdoor Walkway & Pathway Lights

Walkway lighting is strongly encouraged as it helps provide enough light to navigate during night time hours. Not only do walkway lights make it safer at night, but they also look great and inviting while enhancing curbside appeal. You can also add lights around patios, decks, and around pools; again making it safer to navigate around. Pathways are also a great place to add landscape lights and help improve safety.

Up Lighting & Exterior Accent Lights

Landscape lighting is also a great way to enhance certain features such as water fountains, pools, hot tubs, decks, swings or gazebos. For those hang out areas, exterior light makes those areas more inviting. For those who want a place to relax and hang out with friends and family, landscape lighting becomes essential.

Curbside Appeal

When you have a beautiful yard with amazing landscaping, why no show it off even at night? The right landscape lighting can help enhance certain features at night and even increase the value of your home. If you want to boost the look of your yard, make sure to use lights to help accent landscaping features.

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Landscape lighting can do so much in improving safety, security and enhancing the beauty of your yard. If you need help adding landscape lighting on your property, contact Sentry Electric. We provide landscape lighting services and can help design the prefect landscape lighting system for your yard. Contact Sentry Electric for all of your electrical needs today.

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