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LED Lighting in Stamford, CT; Benefits, Energy Efficiency, Future Technology & More

Advances in technology have made LED lighting one of greenest sources of light available. They have become more and more popular over incandescent and CFL lights. But what exactly are LED lights? An LED lamp or LED light bulb is an electric light that is used in light fixtures the produces light using light-emitting diodes.

Benefits of LED Lighting

There are lots of good things about LED lights. Other than the fact they use 75% less energy than traditional ones, they last 25 times longer. What’s making them even more popular is the lower prices that we are seeing. They are just about the same price as traditional incandescent and CFLs. They are actually the outcome of a 100 year old scientific oddity that turned into a multi million dollar product. Originally, they were only able to emit a single color or frequency of light, but newer advancements have made them available in an array of hues.

Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are more efficient. An LED bulb compared with a 60-watt incandescent can produce the same amount of light using just 10 watts, with less heat production. They last a lot longer, but not forever. Because there is no heated filament of unusual gases, the bulbs will last more than three years if left on 24/7. That’s pretty impressive! They are also easy to use in many applications and environments, making them a great option for homeowners and businesses alike.

Future of LED Lighting Technology

By the year 2030, LED lighting is projected to compromise 75% of lighting sales. Over the next couple of decades, they will contribute to 10% of the cost in an average energy bill. LEDs are also expected to reduce energy consumption by 50%, which translates to a whopping $250-billion in energy savings. LEDs are also projected to reduce carbon emissions by 1,800 tons, but these numbers will only happen if Americans make the switch to LEDs.

LED Color Temperature

Kelvin temperature will determine the lighting hue you will get with LEDs.
• Under 2,000K. This is a good option for ambient illumination. They provide a dim glow that resembles candlelight.
• 2,000- 3,000K. A soft white, slightly yellow-hued glow is provided with this temperature and is ideal for living, dining, bedrooms and outdoor living areas.
• 3,100- 4,500K. Provides bright white light that is perfect for kitchens, vanities and in offices and workspaces.
• 4,600- 6,500K. This will provide bright blue-white light that mimics daylight and works well for display areas and workspaces that need bright illumination.
• 6,500K+. This illumination is commonly seen in commercial environments as it produces a bright blue hue.
• Variable. Users can use dimmable, color-changing smart bulb options to easily tailor their lighting needs with their mobile device of other smart devices.

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We all want to save money. An easy way to do it is to switch to LED lighting. Not only do LED lights use less electricity, they are also cooler than incandescent light, which means you’re less likely to get a burnt finger or combustion. They are also sturdier because they are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, making them less likely to break. For more information on LED lighting, contact Sentry Electric.

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