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Lighting Options in Norwalk, CT; Baseboard Motion Lights, Pantry & Under Cabinet Light Ideas etc

Your home is a place you want to be able to be comfortable and enjoy. That is why many people choose to take time when decorating and adding the furniture that creates the space that a family can enjoy. You also set your thermostat to either warm or cool the house and make sure that the home is clean. Another aspect of home life that makes it enjoyable comes from the electrical system. Without it people today would not know what to do with themselves. We need to be able to charge your phone, run the washing machine and light up the house at night. These are a few of a very long list of needs that are fulfilled with the electrical system. The lighting in a house can be quite standard but there are additions that you can make that add a custom feel. Unique lighting ideas can set your home apart from others and create ambiance for it as well. Sentry Electric has areas you can add custom light to your house.

Baseboard Lighting & Motion Lights

Have you ever gotten up in the night and need to headed down the hall to get a drink or go to the restroom? If you have and you come across a toy or other debris on the ground your quite walk to not wake the family can end up the exact opposite. The hallways are areas that there is not adequate light unless you turn on the main light that can be distracting and intrusive to a person that is trying to sleep. This is where baseboard lights can really save the day. The lights can be installed along the baseboard creating a soft light that will span the walkway and allow you to go along your way while still being able to see clearly. The extra light is a great benefit and a unique way to update your home.

Pantry Lighting Options

The pantry is a place you store all your excess food storage that you will be using throughout the week and more. It also has the snacks and treats that your family often goes to as well. The problem is that many of the pantries do not have enough light that allow you to see clearly along all the shelves. This is why adding lighting to the shelves is a great way to illuminate the space. You can then see exactly what you have making it easier to create a list for shopping and grabbing what you need.

Under Cabinet Lighting Installation

You can also choose to have lights that are installed under the cabinet in your kitchen. This will give a more direct light when you are trying to prepare a meal. It also will help to brighten up a kitchen where many people spend some of their quality time cooking and even eating a meal. These lights are a great addition in a small kitchen to increase the feel of the size or even a large kitchen to bring in a touch more light.

Lighting Upgrades & Installation in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

Sentry Electric can come out and prepare a plan to create some custom lighting in your home. Call us today!

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