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Outdoor Landscaping Lighting Ideas in Stamford, CT; Where to Place Lights & More

Have you wanted to spend more time outdoors? Have you wanted to give your yard a facelift? Have you wanted to make your yard more romantic? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider redoing your landscaping and adding some lighting. There are many different things that you will want to think about as you consider changing up your yard. Do you want your yard to have a sitting area, lots of room to play, a pond, water fountains, a sports court, or something else? Sit in your yard and think carefully about what you want your yard to look like when you are done. Drawing a sketch of your yard and thinking about the design that you want can help you clarify what you are truly wanting. Once you know what kind of design you want you will want to consider what design elements you will want to light up in your yard. Once you know what you want to light up you can begin thinking about your options for lighting those areas up.

Landscape Lighting Design Guide

There are all sorts of different types of lighting that you can use for your landscaping. Here are a few for you to consider:
Path Lights: One of the most common types of landscape lights are path lights. Path lights are beautiful when they are placed down a path, around a pond, or along the outline of your driveway. You will want to carefully consider how many lights you put on your path. Too many lights feels cramped and not enough lights does not produce the desired effect.
Spotlights: Spotlights can be used for all sorts of different things in your yard. They can be used for up lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, and moonlighting. What are all of those you might ask?
o Up lighting is one of the most basic forms of landscape lighting. You choose an area that you want to highlight and you place a spotlight at the bottom of it so that it leads your eye up to an area of beauty. Canopy trees can be especially pretty with up lighting.
o By placing a light behind a tree or feature that you want to highlight produces a fantastic effect by creating a silhouette of the object.
o Shadowing is the opposite of silhouetting. You place the light between the place where you see the object and the item itself to create a shadow of the item on the wall behind the object. The shadow can create a soft and beautiful lighting effect.
o Moon lighting is achieved when a light is placed above the tree and is aimed down at the tree. It gives the effect of the moon shining down on your tree even if the moon is not out.
Well Lights: While spotlights are an above ground lighting option, well lights are a fantastic in-ground lighting option. Spotlights and well lights can be used for many of the same lighting effects. Up lighting, silhouetting, and shadowing can all be accomplished with well lights.

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There are tons more options available for your outdoor lighting. We just wanted to highlight some of the most popular options for you today. If you are ready to add some lighting to your landscape give Sentry Electric a call. We can come out and install the lighting you have been dreaming of!

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