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Outdoor Security Lighting in Fairfield, CT; Motion Sensor Lights, Smart Timers, Flood Light Fixtures & More

There are many ways to improve your home’s security; deadbolts, locks, alarm systems, protective dogs, and so on. But you can equally improve the security with the right lighting. There are a lot more options than making sure the front light’s porch is on, and with the holiday traveling and peak home burglaries in full swing, you will want all the protection you can get. With that in mind, we at Sentry Electric would like to share home lighting security options you can apply to your Connecticut home.

Options for Outdoor Security Lights

Smart Timers: When everyone is away, giving the illusion the home is occupied is one of the primary purposes of your security lighting. With the smart timers, you create the effect. Set all of your security lighting timers so that it turns on and off at specified and different times. This approach is effective for both interior both exterior lighting.
Professional Installation: The quality is a considerable difference between professional installation and the DIY kits that are available. The DIY kits are of low-grade quality where professionals utilize industry Grade A quality equipment and efficiently install them according to achieve optimal use. In addition to superior equipment and installation, trade electricians ensure that the lighting system is connected to a reliable power source.
Motion Sensor Lighting: The motion sensors are able to detect motion with the use of passive infrared technology. Prowlers may be taken back the sudden lights and leave the area and you can have the warning when the lights suddenly switches on gives you the heads up someone is in the vicinity.
Improved Surveillance Cameras: The surveillance cameras will significantly be impacted by the increased outdoor lighting system and the dark areas where potential lurkers can be, offering you and neighbors more visibility. Many otherwise perfect videos have been rendered useless because of poor lighting. To improve the quality of footage if your security system is equipped with surveillance systems, make certain that the areas that are being monitored are well lit, especially at night.
Home Security Lighting: Not only will the increased lighting improve the security, but the areas that are generally dark otherwise such as the garage, the sides of the home and other such places are better illuminated for your own safety as well. You are more likely to deter anyone who considers breaking into your home with the simple additional security lighting. With the path lightened for yourself and visitors, finding your way in the dark can help avoid any tripping and falling, allows for more ease operating the locks as well as enhance the architectural design of your home and even landscaping with proper placement.
Lighting Placement: When it comes to lighting placement, many homeowners are at a loss. Illuminate all dark, shadowed areas around your home, including the nooks and crannies when considering the placement for your lighting. Below you will find several places that are ideal for security lighting to offer a few examples.
– Porches and doorways: The double lighting increase around the front and back door porches and doors.
– Sides of the home: Frequently dividing homes is a convenient brick wall, which is always poorly lit, offering lurkers an opportunity. Improving the lighting around this area will only lessen cover for people who are looking for places to hide.
– Garages: Install motion-sensor activated security lights above the garage door, a fairly common place, to allow the lights will turn on whenever a vehicle or person enters your driveway and to illuminate your path.

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If you are looking for professional assistance to get your security lighting enhanced, call in the expert electricians of Sentry Electric and let our specialists will get started.

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