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Safety Tips for How to Prevent Electrical Hazards in Stamford, CT; Bad Wiring, Wet Outlets & More

Each and every day we reap the benefits of modern electricity. We are so used to having electricity that when the power goes out many people will panic. Electricity is something that all of us are genuinely thankful for. Sometimes we fail to realize that there are some hazards that can be caused by electricity. Today Sentry Electric wants to go over some common electrical hazards and what to do about them so that you can keep your home safe and sound while enjoying electricity each day.

Bad Electrical Wiring

One of the most common causes of electrical hazards in the home is poor wiring and defective electrical wires. It is important to have good quality wiring that is in line with safety standards. Poor or defective wiring can increase the chance of an electrical fire, power surges, arc faults, and more. One potential hazard is loose or improper connections. Frayed appliances or extensions cords; pinched wire insulation; cracked wire insulation; overheated wires and cords; damaged electrical appliances; and electrical wires that have been chewed by rodents all can put your home at risk. If you notice any problems with your wiring you will want to address them right away so you do not end up with an electrical fire. Sentry Electric can come out and inspect your wiring to see if any of it needs to be replaced.

Moisture in Electrical Outlet

Another common electrical hazard is having your outlets get wet or be too close to the water. If you are building a home you will want to make sure that your outlets are not too close to a water source. You will want to check your building codes for proper placement. If you do end up with an appliance that is plugged in and it gets wet do not unplug it! Unplugging it while it is still plugged in could cause an injury. You will want to turn the power source to that outlet off at your electrical panel and then unplug. You can also get electric shock if you handle electrical appliances when your hands are wet. You will want to dry your hands thoroughly before touching appliances.

How Many Things Can You Plug into a Power Strip

Many homeowners feel like they do not have enough power outlets. A nice solution to needing more outlets is a power strip. Power strips allow you to plug multiple electronics in while just using one of the plugs from your wall. You do need to be careful if you do this in your home that you do not overload the power strip or the outlet. You do not want to plug in several high voltage devices into one power stripe. You also do not want to plug two power strips together. All of these things could overload your power strip or outlet and trip a breaker. When breakers are tripped sometimes they will start an electrical fire. If you need more electrical outlets in your house one of our electricians here at Sentry Electric can help you do that.

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Sentry Electric wants all of our customers to keep their house free from electrical hazards. If you are ever uncertain about something with your electrical wires please give us a call. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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