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Savings Calculator; How Much Do LED Light Bulbs Save Per Month in New Canaan, CT?

It seems as though everyone is talking about LED lighting these days. If you don’t know much about how these new light bulbs work, you may be wondering if they are worth all the hype. Before you make the big change over to these new and improved light bulbs, you may want to know a bit more about how they actually work. Sentry Electric is here to talk about how LED bulbs work and why they really are worth everything people are saying about them.

LED & Incandescent Light Bulbs Quality

The way that LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs work are quite different. When incandescent bulbs are producing light, electrical current is heating a tungsten filament wire that glows and creates light. These bulbs are going to get quite hot when they are operating. Rather than a filament, LED or light emitting diodes, produce light when voltage is applied to negatively charged semiconductors, causing electrons to combine and create light. LED lightbulbs are not wasting energy on heat as they produce light. All of the energy they use is going to be put into action lighting the space.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Following are some of the benefits and facts about LED which are important to be aware of before you make the switch:
Range of Color Temperature: Not all LED lightbulbs are the same color. You can choose some that emit a much cooler light than others. They all have a CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) that corresponds to a K (Kelvin) on the temperature scale. The higher the kelvins, the cooler the light. The lower the kelvins, the warmer the light.
LED Light Bulbs are Eco-Friendly: Because they use much less energy to produce light, they are much better for the environment. 95 percent of the energy they use is to light the room.
LED Longevity: You can count on LED bulbs far outlasting their competition. They may cost you more upfront, but they will last much longer as they gradually start to lose their lighting ability rather than a sudden burnout like other lightbulbs.
LED Light Bulbs are Not Always Dimmable: If you have dimmer switches in your home, you need to know that not all LED bulbs will be compatible. It depends on the switches in your home and may take some trial and error before getting it right. Remember that many LED bulbs are able to be dimmed.

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To make the switch to LED lighting, you don’t have to replace all the fixtures in your home. You can simply change out the light bulbs. You should make sure that the LED bulbs you choose have the same performance capabilities as the light bulbs you are replacing. You don’t want to effect the quality of the light you get in your room. If you are experiencing any electrical issues in your home, you can count on the experts at Sentry Electric for all your electrical needs. Call us today!

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