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Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel in New Canaan, CT; Flickering Lights, Hot Outlets & More

When you own a home most people know that there are things that you will constantly need to work on and upgrade. The home is a place that you want to live in and you want to be comfortable. That is why knowing what to look for and signs that something needs your attention is a good idea. One of the areas of your home that will need to be taken care of and upgraded is the electrical system. The system is made up of lots of different components. They include the wiring through the entire house, the outlets, the switches, the fixtures and much more. The other part of the system that acts as a main frame is the circuit board or electrical panel. There are some signs that you need to be aware of that mean your board is not working properly and you need to consider an upgrade.

Sentry Electric Lists Signs Your Electrical Panel is in Need of an Upgrade

Flickering Lights Electrical Problem: If you are sitting in your house and you notice that a light here and there are not staying with the same level of light then there might be a problem. The lights should have enough electricity going to it to stay lit without flickering. The light usually can stay lit when there is not a surge but when the electricity is being sent out to another outlet or appliance like your air conditioner the lights may start to flicker. If you notice that there is flickering at any time you want to make sure that the circuit panel is looked out and inspected. This often means that the panel needs to be upgraded and replaced.
Hot Outlet Or Switch: There is another sign that you need to look into when it comes to a problem with your circuit panel. The outlets and the switches should be able to run and send electricity to them without overheating the are. There should not be an area of the house that has a hot spot and you want to make sure that you address a hot spot as soon as possible. It can mean that there is a problem behind the wall in that area with the wiring but it can also be a problem with the circuit that is sending currents to that outlet. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and repaired because it can end up becoming a fire hazard.
Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping: The other sign happens to be if you are stuck with a breaker that is being tripped regularly. They are not supposed to trip unless there is a surge that might damage that circuit. If you notice that you are resetting the circuit often then it could be a sign that the panel is out of date and it needs to be upgraded. Be sure to have an electrician out to inspect for the problem and offer services to correct the problem.

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