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Signs You Need an Emergency Electrician in Southbury, CT; Smoking Electrical Outlets & More

It is safe to say that people rely heavily on the electrical system to work in their home. Where we can get back for short intervals, we need the power to ensure the refrigerator/freezer is preserving food or possible medicines, the heat for the dead of winter in Connecticut, or even important medical equipment that can mean the difference between life or death. Should the power go out, it can be a challenge to determine how long to expect it will last; 10 minutes or 10 hours, it can be hard to say. Additionally, loss of power in conjunction with a burning smell or a smoking outlet are indications there is a hazardous electrical fire. In some situations, it can be difficult for homeowners or even business owners to decide whether their needs require the assistance of emergency electrical services. Today, we at Sentry Electric would like to share why your Stamford & Fairfield County home or business might need emergency services.

Emergency Electrical Procedure & Response Plan

For the issues previously mentioned, you will want emergency electrical services. Take these steps first before you call for an emergency electrician:
1) Check the neighborhood, especially the next-door neighbors to see if they have power loss as well or if it is just your home. The utility provider is likely experiencing difficulties if the neighbors and/or neighborhood has a power outage. Call city utility company to find out the details.
2) Should the power outage only be affecting your house, go to your main breaker and reset it. If the power is not restored, call an emergency electrician.

When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Do not hesitate to call for emergency electrical services for any of the following:
Smoking Outlets– Smoking power outlets are potentially seriously dangerous. This is typically the beginning of home electrical fires. If you notice a smoking or burning power outlet apply the following steps:
– Never touch the smoking outlet. It is likely to have resistive electricity surging through it that will electrocute to anyone that makes contact with it in addition to it being very hot.
– Immediately check the main breaker and if there’s no smoke or damage present, flip it off. If there is smoke coming from the breaker, don’t touch it and evacuate the home.
– Prioritize calling the fire department 1st and wait for them to take care of the problem.
– After the fire department has concluded their duties, call for an emergency electrical service.
Heater Stops Working – Connecticut winters can be brutal. If you lose power to your home alone and we are in weather that requires the heater/furnace for survival, call emergency services to see what can be done to restore the power. Homes that house children or the elderly are vulnerable to freezing conditions.
After Hours Electrical Emergency – Electrical problems do not always occur during business hours. If your electrical needs are crucial and cannot wait until normal business hours, most electricians have an emergency line for customers to get assistance.

Electrical Inspections, Repairs & More in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

Electrical outages can equally during a warm sunny day with no warning and are not exclusive to bad storms. We at Sentry Electric understand the need for emergency services and will help you in the event you need an emergency electrician.

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