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Signs You Need to Call an Electrician in Southbury, CT; Blown Circuit Breaker, Wet Wires & More

Electrical issues can happen any day, any time and they usually happen when you least expect it. Electrical issues can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and should be taken care of by professional electricians. Sometimes you can see what the problems are, sometimes you can’t. But there are usually signs that will let you know there’s a problem.

Warning Signs of Electrical Fires & Other Problems

1. Tripped circuit breaker or blown fuses. When the unit of amps a circuit breaker is designed for is exceeded, the circuit breaker will trip. This happens to prevent wires from catching fire. This of course keeps your house from burning down! Fuses will also blow out to avoid a fire hazard.
2. Flickering and dimming lights. When a circuit becomes overloaded, you will notice a dimming of lights. This usually happens when your electrical systems wiring gets old. The lights in your home may also blink if the circuit is experiencing too much pressure. Occasional flickering is normal but constant blinking and dimming means there’s an issue with the wiring or circuit and can get dangerous quickly.
3. House smells like burning plastic or has other strange smell. Houses can smell odd for many reasons. When the smell is caused by damaged wires, it means your electrical system has been overworked. The wires can burn out and spread a foul odor throughout your home.
4. Wet electrical wires. Wires become wet after flooding or heavy rains. Electrical systems that have become wet need the help of professionals because anytime water and electricity mixes there’s the chance of electrocution. Professional electricians have the tools and experience to fix the problem in a safe manner.
5. Electrical sparks. This issue is very common in homes. These sparks can’t be corrected until the source has been discovered. Homeowners would be hard-pressed to figure out the cause on their own. If the cause of the sparks in your home are due to the fuse box, breaker panel or electrical outlets you will need the help of an electrician.
6. Electrical noise. When your electrical system is working properly you shouldn’t hear a thing. If you hear a buzzing or popping noise coming from the electrical system, there may be loose prongs or faulty wiring. When electrical noises are not addressed and fixed, it can seriously damage the appliances in your home and force them to quit all together. These sounds can be heard from circuit breakers, main hums or electrical switches.
7. Loss of electricity. There are many reasons that your home will experience a loss of electricity. Some happen after a storm or your system is just old. Check with your neighbors to see if their power is also out before calling an electrician. You may just need to put a call into the utility company.

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Electrical systems should not be tinkered with if you don’t know what you’re doing, even if it seems like a simple task. You can make an electrical problem worse or disastrous with one wrong move. Do you need electrical services? Contact Sentry Electric for prompt emergency services.

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