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Solutions to Not Enough Electrical Outlets in Your Westport, CT Kitchen, Bathrooms & Other Rooms

When it comes to many modern living demands, especially electrical needs, many of the older houses, condos, apartments, and so on, were not intuitive enough to ensure it could accommodate. With the multiple appliances lining homes, electrical devices that bring conveniences and entertainments, and other electrical systems that are frequently common in day-to-day living, there are plenty of gadgets that require a power source. The issue is these older homes, no matter what type, lack outlets. Trying to figure out a solution for the shortage of outlets can sometimes prove to be a challenge, especially if you are in a rental and the owner or property managers will not let you do any kind of permanent upgrades. Today, we at Sentry Electric would like to offer some ideas on what you can do when there are not enough outlets where you live.

How to Fix the Problem of Not Enough Electrical Outlets

1) Reduce the need for outlets or rotate. Some of the below solutions may not be an option or suitable to your preferences. You can always reduce your electrical needs and cut back on devices that are plugged in indefinitely. Additionally, not only will you free up outlets as you need them, but you can decrease your energy bill by simply not leaving unnecessary devises plugged in various areas of your home.
2) Multiply the plug in space. You can multiply one outlet by plugging in an outlet adaptor. For example, one paired out let can be transformed into 2 paired outlets with the plug-in adapter to multiply the outlets throughout your homes. Not only can you increase your outlets, but the bulky devices with transformers will be easier to plug in without blocking other outlets.
3) Let some of the tech offer support and pull double duty. Whether you are a serious gamer, or have a home office, your computer area along with your entertainment center is likely to be overwhelmed with power cords. Desktops, laptops, multiple monitors, printers, WIFI, and so on, all need their home plug-in for quick and convenient use. Let some of these devices pull double duty and support other power supply needs by taking advantage of a brick-attached device known as an AC Adapter Tap. Plugging in between your power cord and your AC Adapter brick, this gadget will give you 2 extra plugs.
4) Utilize extensions for your reach. Older homes have poor outlet placement and are often located in bizarre places. As a result, the outlet is readily available for use, but the reach isn’t. Use extension cords and you can avoid looking like a construction zone with the orange industrial cords by using the multi-lines, that come in more pleasing colors. If the plug in is more permanent, you can also use paintable concealers to cover the extension cords, keep people from tripping and avoid the eyesore of cords strung everywhere.
5) Install more electrical outlets. Install more outlets; if it is your own home, just get it done, if it is a rental, make sure you have permission from the landlord or property manager. Ensure you invest in an experienced electrician to do the work for you and consider having them install a couple more in common areas than what you currently need to accommodate potential electrical growth.

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Not only are these older ill-prepared to handle your outlets, but the circuit breaker is likely outdated and need an upgrade. To install new outlets and upgrade your circuit breaker, call the experts of Sentry Electric to get your home current with the electrical needs of modern living.

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