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Summer Backyard Patio & Outdoor Lighting Ideas in New Canaan, CT; Path Lights & More

Outdoor lighting is the best way to make your property safer and easier to walk around when it’s dark. Outdoor lighting allows you to see what’s going on and adds visual appeal to your home too. If you’ve had the same outdoor lighting for years, chances are there are better options available. You can give your home a fresh new look and use more energy efficient lighting at the same time. Consider lighting an outdoor space to increase the time you can spend there. Pathway lighting looks great and the transition from regular bulbs to LED bulbs can save you money. LED lights last longer, and homeowners have many options as they are available in many styles and designs.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Homes with the right outdoor lighting are overlooked by intruders and make your home feel safer. Security and flood lights can be installed around the exterior of your home, making it very hard for would be intruders to go unnoticed. Entrances and driveways along with any other areas can have motion sensor lighting installed. These lights will turn on any time movement is detected. When choosing outdoor lighting you’ll want to choose lights that have ample wattage and are bright enough. Avoid choosing lights that create areas that are deep and shadowy because it gives intruders places to hide and avoid putting lights in areas that might bother your neighbors.

Path Lights & Landscape Lighting

Adding lighting to your landscape allows you to draw attention to your yard and the exterior of your home. It’s important to use landscape lighting carefully so you’re highlighting your property in the best way because the wrong lighting can make a home look uninviting. The right light and the right location will create the best effects.
• Stake lights can be used along paths and walkways to provide lighting at night. They increase safety and add visual appeal.
• Accent lights catch the eye and draw attention to specific features of your home’s exterior. These include uplights, downlights, spotlight and well lights.
• Deck lights are designed to makes the stairs on decks safer to use during the nighttime hours. They can also be used to add soft lighting to deck surfaces.

Troubleshooting Your Outdoor Lighting

It’s important for homeowners to know what might be going on with their outdoor lighting. Wear and tear along with weather can cause outdoor lights to become loose over time. When water gets into them you can experience faulty connections. It’s important to use waterproof connections for outdoor lighting to prevent this problem. LED lights last longer, but if you’re using incandescent light bulbs, they will burn out faster. There can be issues with your outdoor lighting depending on how the system is wired. Corrosion will occur in light sockets when they ae exposed to moisture. The heat from a light bulb is enough to prevent corrosion from happening, but it can occur when bulbs burn out.

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All homeowners want their home to feel safe and look great. This can be achieved with outdoor lighting. Contact Sentry Electric to get started!

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