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Troubleshooting One Circuit Breaker that Keeps Tripping in Darien, CT; How to Fix a Tripped Breaker

You want to be able to go in your house and use the outlets, fixtures and switches and expect that they always work. That is because the electricity that we use in our house is a huge and important part of our comfort and convenience. Without it you wouldn’t have a washer, a way to charge your phone or television to watch to name a small few. The wiring that is used to bring the electricity to your home is brought in from the outside of the house and ran through the walls. Then they are attached to areas that have switches, fixtures and outlets. The other area that is a huge part of the electrical system is the circuit panel or circuit box. The lines that are brought into the house are first routed through this box so that they can be organized and categorized. This is the main hub of electricity in the house and is where you go if you find a problem. One of the problems that you may come across is an area of the house that has no power running to it. This is usually caused by a tripped breaker and needs to be addressed.

Sentry Electric Outlines How to Fix a Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker; Which Way is On?: If you are not sure what happens when you have a tripped breaker then it is important to understand it. The way that most people find out that there is a problem is when they try to flip on a light and it does not come on. You want to check other switches in the same area of the house as well as other areas. You can check out the fixtures that are in the wall as well as the outlets to see if they are working as well. If you find an area of the house that is not getting the power that it usually does then it is a sign that the breaker has been tripped. If you notice that the house is not getting power throughout it can be a problem with the main breaker or with the power company. You can call to see if there are any outages in your area then go out and check the breaker.
How to Check the Circuit Breaker Box: If you have determines that there are no power outages and that it is likely a breaker then you need to check the circuit box. This is usually placed in the garage or on the outside of the house. You need to open the box and start to look at the switches that are inside. They each should have a label that will tell you which part of the house the breaker is set for. This can help you eliminate some of them as the problem. You can also just look at the placement of the breaker and if any are not pushed all the way over then they need to be reset. You can simply switch them back over and go test out the area. If this does not fix the problem you may need to call out a professional to correct the problem.
What if the Circuit Breaker is Not Tripped?: If you don’t find a breaker that is tripped and that area is not working in the house it could still be the circuit. The circuit can have a problem and it could need to be replaced. This should be done by a professional because we need to determine if there are more problems with the circuit.

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