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Typical Home Electricity Consumption & How to Stop Vampire Power in Fairfield County, CT

In modern homes, most are filled with a plethora of electronic gadgets, appliances, equipment, and other devices the continually suck up energy. With many homes built under code, the outlets placement is no farther from a corner than 6 feet and no more than 12 feet between outlets on long walls as a minimum. With the electronic devices and toys continuing to multiply, it can be difficult to find enough outlets to keep up with our power supply needs. We at Sentry Electric would like to further expound on the different electrical demand needs we seem to need in daily life.

How to Stop Vampire Power

Since so many electronic devices are remote controlled, they are nearly always on to allow the remote operation. These gadgets continue to draw anywhere from ¼-1/3 of their power usage even when turned off. You can only completely kill the power to these devices by unplugging them. Over a year’s time, this can save you a considerable amount of power.

Examples of Home Electrical Equipment

However, it is important that the electronics designed with night lights, clocks and security features remain active. With a little strategy and planning, you can have the electronics plugged into to a power bar that is completely turned off with a switch and the devices you need to run continually in another area. Home theater and entertainment systems that are fully loaded with projectors, amps, large screen TVs and the ability to attach pads, computers and game decks require special wiring. Kitchens could use additional outlets to power kitchen tools, appliances, and provide under cabinet lighting. Many homes opt to incorporate various devices for security purposes that include lights, cameras, and alarms; all of which need power and low voltage wiring to operate. For double duplex outlets additional circuits will be required as a maximum of 10 receptacles can be handled on the typical 20 amp circuit.

Avoid Long Term or Permanent Extension Cord Use

Additional issues arise when the outlet isn’t convenient; we tent to utilize extension cords. These extension cords are likely to be subjected to abuse, leading to wear and tear. Not only can be people trip over cords, but the devices can also be damaged in the process and so can the outlets.

Adding Electrical Outlets

When it comes to providing your home with adequate power, you will likely want to install additional electrical panels and outlets to supply your home with power demands your home requires. Existing outlets that are loose pose a safety hazard and can be annoying as the plug slips out easily, those can be easily replaced.

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No matter what upgrades your home needs to accommodate the power needs Sentry Electric is readily available. Our electricians have been expertly trained, accrued years of experience, and utilize quality products, tools, and equipment, apply proper safety protocols and procedures to ensure quality electrical services. Call Sentry Electric today to discuss the options of upgrading the electrical needs of your home. We can consult with you on the optimal solutions that will better suit your home and meet your needs.

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