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What Causes My Light Bulbs to Be Burning Out Quickly All Over My Greenwich, CT House?

Replacing light bulbs constantly is irritating. Incandescent light bulbs should have a lifespan of 1,000-3,000 hours. However, there may be times that you are replacing them much more often. This could be a sign that there is a problem somewhere. Sentry Electric is here to talk about some of the reasons that your bulbs may be burning out so fast and what you can do to avoid the problem.

Bulbs that Aren’t Properly Connected to the Fixtures

When you are twisting your light bulb into place, you should avoid twisting it in too far. Screwing it in too tightly will drastically shorten its lifespan. You should also check the fixture for any damage that could cause a connection problem. Sometimes, when you use cheaper bulbs, they have little to no solder. This will cause a problem every single time. You should definitely invest in quality bulbs to avoid these problems.

Vibration Will Cause Light Bulbs to Burn Out Prematurely

The delicate filament inside an incandescent light bulb should be carefully handled. If the fixture that your lightbulb is in vibrates too much, you could experience premature burnouts. The most common fixture that causes this problem is the ceiling fan. The jarring that happens when the fan is in motion can cause light bulbs to burn out. Choosing long life light bulbs or a rough service light bulb, can help you avoid this problem even when the fixture moves.

High Temperatures Damage Light Bulbs

Anytime your bulb is exposed to excessive heat, it can cause a bulb to burn out. This can happen even if you are using the right wattage. Make sure you have the right sized bulb for the fixture in your home or business to avoid this problem. If you have a fixture that isn’t getting the right amount of ventilation it could also cause too much heat. This can be caused by a fixture that needs to be cleaned as well.

High Voltage in Your Home Burn Out Light Bulbs Quickly

If you have lightbulbs that are burning out every couple of months, this could be caused by too much electricity entering into your home. If your home is overpowered, you will find yourself burning through the light bulbs. If you think this could be the case, you can have your home tested by a professional to see if this is the problem.

Poorly Installed Electrical Wiring or Fixtures

When the wiring in your home or the light fixture isn’t installed properly, it can result in fluctuating current flowing through the bulb. This can end up burning out the light bulb prematurely. This problem should be ruled out by a certified electrician to avoid injury from electric shock.

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If you seem to be noticing that your bulbs aren’t lasting as long as they should, you could be experiencing any one of the problems listed above. The team of certified electricians at Sentry Electric can help you figure out what is causing frequently burnt out bulbs and make any necessary adjustments and repairs. Call us today!

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