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What Happens When You Overload Electrical Outlets & Circuits in Southbury, CT & How to Prevent!

When you think about it, electricity is a real benefit in our lives. It is used in homes, businesses, schools and hospitals across the world. The invention of electricity has been such a wonder but it also is something that we take for granted. If you look around your house right now you probably have a television running, your laptop charging and the lamp on to name a few. If you took count of all the ways that electricity is used in your home it would be a long list. The problem is that now we have become greedy about how much we want to use and how often. This is what leads to people overloading an outlet or circuit. This is a danger to you and your family. Electricity creates heat and that is why the cords and wires that you use are all covered with insulation. This prevents the wires from becoming hot and causing damage. The heated or exposed wires can shock you or even cause a fire. That is why it is important to be careful when you are using electricity in your home.

Sentry Electric Lists Tips to Not Overload the Electrical Outlets & Circuits in Your Home

Check The Wattage Of Your Lightbulbs: Have you ever gone down the aisle of lightbulbs and noticed the options that are available? The lights you can choose from are quite a few and one thing they all have in common is they state the watts that are used. This number is not a number to be ignored but looked and used to determine which one is right for you. Before you leave the house to get replacement bulbs you need to look at the socket that the light is in. Inside or next to the socket you will find information about the watts that are recommended for that particular socket. You want to stay in the wattage that the fixture can handle so that you do not overload the circuit or blow out the fixture itself.
Be Cautious About What You Plug Into an Outlet: In your home on just about every single wall you will notice that there is an outlet. The outlet is there with often two plugs that can be used. That outlet and some of the other outlets in that room are tied together in one circuit. They are laid out specifically with how much that circuit can handle if you were to use each of the outlets along the path. The problem is that we start to become greedy and use extension cords to give us more options and areas to plug in. If you get too carried away and you are overloading an outlet it can cause the outlet to blow out of the circuit to short. This is a potential fire risk so be sure that you are careful about what you plug in. Reduce what is used in a particular room and pick what is most important or call an electrician to safely rewire your home.

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