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When to Upgrade Home Electrical Wiring in Your New Canaan, CT House; Aluminum Wires & More

There are times when a home wiring systems becomes outdated or no longer efficient for your power needs. Most commonly, in homes 40 years older or more, rewiring or updating your home’s electrical system becomes rather essential. For those who think their home is fine and doesn’t need any updating, Sentry Electric will share some signs that you may want to consider rewiring your home.

Old House Electrical Wiring

One of the main concerns of old wiring is safety. Most electrical related house fires are higher in older homes. The same wiring methods were used from the 20th century up to homes that were built 35 to 40 years ago. Electrical wiring codes and methods have improved greatly over the years and many old homes do not have these more modern wiring systems. Some other concerns when it comes to older homes is the deterioration of insulation and other materials which increase the risks of electrical fires. If you live in an older home and you’re not sure if the wiring system needs to be upgraded, here are some signs to watch for.
• Frequent breaker trips or fuse blow outs.
• Flickering or dimming lights when on.
• Odd tingling sensations when touching appliances.
• Regular burning smells when appliances or electrical devices are on.
• Outlets will be discolored, worn, or sparks are frequently seen.
• Two prong outlets are found in the home instead of the three prong outlets.
• No GFCI in kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms.

Aluminum Wiring in Old Homes

Another sign that your home may have older wiring or poor, cheap wiring is aluminum wiring. Modern or standard wiring uses copper. Many homes built in the 60s or 70s were installed with aluminum wiring. At the time they posed no issues. However, over time aluminum wiring has proven to be hazardous. Aluminum wiring is prone to overheating which eventually leads to fires. Copper wiring is much more stable which is why it is used for electrical wiring today.

Updating Electrical Panel & Wiring for Increased Electrical Demand & Repairing Damage

Both old and modern homes may not have enough amps for your electrical needs. Most homes EW wired with 200 amps which meet standard electrical needs. However as technology evolves and grows, more devices are brought into our homes which require more power. At a certain point the standard 200 amps worth of power doesn’t meet the household’s needs. Frequent power or breaker trips or shortages are a sign that you don’t have enough amps. Another problem even modern homes can be a victim of is pests. Rodents often chew through home wiring systems and leave the inner wires exposed which can lead to fire hazards. If your home has had a recent rodent, squirrel, or other invasive wildlife problem where your home’s electrical system could have become compromised, it would be wise to have the home wiring inspected.

Electrical Wiring & More in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

Before you jump into a major rewiring project you can have your home’s electrical system inspected first. This way you can properly determine your home electrical needs. If you plan on doing an upgrade to your home electrical system, consider the future and make sure you will have enough power for future needs. If you need your home’s electrical systems upgraded, contact Sentry Electric we can help repair, inspect, and replace your home wiring systems.

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