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When you Need a Professional Residential Electrician for Household Electrical Jobs

Every home owner should know a licensed electrician and should have someone they can trust. The reason why is to make sure that if there is a problem, an electrician who is familiar with your home and the setup of your electrical is key. It will help to find the problem and repair it much faster. Every home has a plethora of electrical work and any of these areas can cause a problem in some way. The electrical encompasses the electrical outlets, lighting, audio visual, and all the appliances. This basically covers something in every single room in your home including your garage and exterior. Each residential home has an electrical panel that houses all the circuit breakers that should help make an electrical problem any bigger than it might already be. Doing any residential electrical work can be intimidating and should be left to a professional like Sentry Electric in the Stamford area and Fairfield County. What are some reasons that you may need to call a residential electrician?

Circuit Breaker Trips can Leave you in the Dark

Left in the dark – The most often reason that a home or an area of the home is left in the dark is because the circuit breaker trips. This means that the electrical current is stopped at the circuit panel temporarily and needs to be reset. Each circuit also has a fuse that can go back and cause the same reaction in the home. Either of these two problems could be solved quickly by calling Sentry Electric.

Flickering Lights

If you start to blow dry your hair and you notice that the bathroom light dims unintentionally or flickers on you may need an electrician. A lot of the electronics that you plug in to use such as a hair dryer pull a lot of amps quickly and can temporarily take away from the room. An licensed electrician can set up a designated plug to use that won’t have any interruption to the rest of the room.

Upgrading Outlets

Three doesn’t fit in two – This can be a problem for some older homes. If you have outlets that only accepts a 2 prong plug you are missing the ground. The ground helps keep you from having a disaster if the unit that is plugged in goes haywire. If you have any old outlets they can be updated and new 3 holed outlets can be installed.

Recessed Light Fixtures

Still too dark – A problem that many homes have is the amount of recessed of installed light fixtures. If you are unhappy with the amount of light or simply want a fan installed you would want to get an electrician to come out and run the wiring for these 2 upgrades.
Be sure to hire a reliable and trustworthy electrician like Sentry Electric today to handle any and all your residential electrical needs. Contact us today!

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